Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Were So Blessed Yesterday Putting Up Corn!

I will finish my post at the end here, wanted you to see the pictures first of our blessed day yesterday. This will explain step by step how we put it up. It was such a fun day! I was so tired when I got home I crashed!!!!

This is Grandma Yoder. I took this picture years ago, but it is my favorite one of her. She usually has on her white Amish apron. She is just adorable!!!!!

Check this out! This had a propane tank hooked up to the bottom, the top part was filled with water and it got to a real hot boil. We put the timer on for 4 minutes after we put the corn into cook. Then the corn was taken out and put in another galvanized stand with cold water. (somehow I didn't get a picture of the second stand separately).

This was the third cooling tub for the corn to get real cold . I love this old wash stand!!! I like how she had everything set up by the flowers. Cute cute!!!!

It was a bit cold when we got to their farm, but later in the day it warmed up. There was a lot of shucking going on. 12 bags of corn in seed bags. It truly was the most beautiful corn. We didn't plant it until the 8th of July. This year was perfect for a fall crop. I guess it doesn't always work that way. WE were truly thankful to the Lord for the beautiful crop.

We would have beautiful egg baskets of fresh corn ready for Rosa to lower into the "hot pot".

I think Rosa looks kind of like Tasha Tudor. Don't you? She would take the basket and lower it in the boiling water for 4 minutes.
Here is the other galvanized tub also on legs. This was cold water also. We would keep it in here for about 10 minutes and then put it in the real cold water for another 10 minutes.

This was the last process for cooling of the corn. It looked so pretty. Thought the wash stands worked so well. We have a unit in our barn that has two sinks that was used in cleaning the milk equipment when Mr. Phil's family had a dairy. We want to get that working for next year, so we can teach our family how to do this. I can't wait...... Winter project #130............and counting. Smile

Precious little face. I caught her just standing eyeing the corn. We all want to eat some so bad! WE did eat some corn at lunch time with a nice warm bowl of homemade soup!

Marion, in the background had cancer and is going through treatment. You could pray for her recovery! She is so dear to me. She is doing well, but has weak days. Makes my heart hurt! They worked away shucking the corn together. This little girl is so rich to be able to learn along side her family. They are never to young to learn.

Look at these precious barefeet. She worked so hard. I was amazed that she stayed through the whole process. It is what she has learned under all the ladies in her life that work so hard to put their produce up for the winter months.
Rosa laid out a towel and put the cooked corn on top. We used sharp knives to cut off the corn.

The corn was cut and placed into large galvanized pans. I then would scoop up the corn and put it in freezer bags. We got 100, bags full,with 5 cups in each bag. The over wheming job that I thought it would be, with many hands became a blessing. Aren't you so grateful to have those women in your life, that you can work along side? I guess the one thing I am so grateful for is the ladies that help me, as I train my daughters to be keepers at home.

At the end of the day is dish washing! The little ones are always right in the middle of the work! Learning right along side the ladies. I love it!

Wanted to write a little at the end here. I posted yesterday that our family has not been feeling well. We are on the mend! Went to the doctor yesterday. Hope things look better soon. Just wanted you to see what we did yesterday in the afternoon and early evening.
Phil dug all our potatoes up on Sat. afternoon, because I didn't want them to freeze in the ground. I went to pick the corn, not feeling real well. It was kind of cold outside, so I bundled up real toasty. We had 12 rows of sweet corn that Mr. Phil had planted. We had eaten some and it was so wonderful. I didn't think we would have a whole lot left. Wrong........ When I finished I had between 450-500 ears of beautiful golden corn. I about croaked. With not feeling well and caring for our sick daughter, I was totally overwhelmed. I just about cried, because I didn't know how in the world we would get it all put up. I humbled myself, (I always hate to ask for help, because everyone is so busy) and called some dear friends that live in a Beachy (Amish Mennonite) community. They have been my forever friends and part family. I have adopted them and they have me. What a deal! They said,"sure come down". After going to the doctor Phil and I took off for their home. I thought it might interest you to see how we put up the corn. It was a day that I will tuck in my heart. I always love to go to their house. It is so warm and welcome. There is Grandma Yoder, Rosa and Marian (I call them unclaimed blessings, they are unmarried sisters who care for their precious momma) and two of Rosa's grand daughters. Rosa adopted two little girls when they were little. They are both are married with little children. Two of the children were at Rosa's. Grandma Yoder is 93. She is so dear to me. We sit at her table and she always has a smile and some nugget of the word to share with us. She finds delight in asking Mr. Phil to ask the blessings. It warms our hearts. We never know how long Grandma will be with us. Until that day we will be thankful she is a part of our life.



  1. Wow, that's a lot of corn! You have such nice friends to help! I will pray for your friend!

  2. Oh how wonderful for you to have such helpful, loving neighbors. Your going to enjoy corn all winter! I so admire the Amish/Mennonite community.

    I'm glad you/family is feeling on the mend.

  3. What a system you have there...and many hands to make light work!


  4. Hi Linda,

    Yes, thank you for posting about your corn day. Nice pictures! Rosa had already told me and she thought it was a GOOD day! Enjoy your corn!

    Bless you! Sorry you were sick, but so glad you are getting better!


  5. Hi Linda! :o) I sure enjoyed your post & I could 'feel' how tired you must have been, yet so BLESSED at the end of that day!! Isn't it amazing how the Lord provides for us especially when we are feeling so weak? He turned a major chore into a lifelong warm memory. Plus...look at that bounty!! :o) It brought back memories of my Grandparents farm in Missouri & times I spent there as a little girl. I hope that yall are feeling so much better today. Your friends & yall are in my prayers.
    You would LOVE your Alaska today!!! ...literally...an Autumn carpet of color this morning! It is GORGEOUS! The trees are finally bare, but the ground warms the scene. My Mom-in-law comes home today from a week in JUNEAU. Made me think of you! God bless you, I'm off and running to Ladies Bible Study in a few minutes. Looking forward to learning more about Ephesians!!

  6. Hi Linda,
    I know how you feel! All that corn and knowing you have to get it all done right away and then...sickness comes! But you got it done! And with friends, that makes it even sweeter doesn't it?
    Thank you for sharing your day and with pictures, wow!


  7. Oh Linda what a great post! It sure does make for lighter work when you have help. It makes the day go by faster and with a lot more meaning too!!!!!

    I love the Amish community. We went on Saturday and had a great time. One of the gentlemen let us in his barn where he milks sixty goats and tour his cheese room!!!!

    Glad you are all feeling better!

  8. What a sweet story of friendship and caring for each other! I love it that those sweet ladies are what you call 'unclaimed' blessings...how wonderful! :)
    Blessings to you!
    I enjoy visiting!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Your blessed to have such great friends! Glad you all are feeling better and enjoy the corn:)

  10. What an incredibly busy and productive day you all had; wonderful and all that food will taste great when the snowballs fly.
    Loved the photos and Grandma Yoder reminds me of "my" Granny Lynch who lived next to Mama and Daddy.

  11. I just love your blog, I live in Australia and I feel in my heart I must have been an Amish girl in another life. The simplicity and love in your daily lives inspires me to always be a better person. Thank you for that and for sharing your lives. I loved the photos especially of Grandma Yoder, so precious and she is just lovely. Best wishes to your dear friends who are suffering from ill health. Ann, Victoria, Australia.

  12. Oh I just loved this post. I can imagine what a great day it would be to sit and visit with Grandma Yoder. You are blessed to glean from her years of wisdom!

  13. Yes, I am so blessed to have Grandma Yoder in my life. She is so funny and serious at the same time. She's a little lady, but as her daughters say she likes to boss! I just let her.

    Ann, I tried to leave a comment to welcome you to Prairie Flower. It would not let me leave one. Please contact me again if you wish.

    Blessings dear friends, Linda

  14. What a wonderful story. I would love to live by an Amish community, very good friends of ours do and love it. Loved the picture with the barefeet. ;-)

  15. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing :)


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