Sunday, December 27, 2009

CHRISTmas Memories


You can see that I used an old wash bucket for the bottom of our tree. It really looked cute!! I think this will be a must for every CHRISTmas from now on. I also tied white sheer bows to the end of the branches.

We all sat with only the light of the tree as Poppa read us the CHRISTmas Story. It will never get old hearing my honey read. It is such a story of grace and mercy. What a Heavenly Father we have!

This little mitten had a sheet of paper with all the names of the family that was
present at our 2009 CHRISTmas dinner.

I had lots of these little angels all over our tree. I bought them with the gift certificate that Stutzman's Greenhouse gave me. They looked so sweet!

I like it when I can find "Merry CHRISTmas" decorations. It helps keep our focus on the one we are celebrating for.

Found the cross and sconce on mega sale! Thought it really added to my CHRISTmas decorations. The cross is a reminder to us of why JESUS came as a little baby. Oh my, what a price he paid for us who want His salvation.

JESUS has the key to my heart!

This last CHRISTmas was so special for our family. I can't believe all we have left are memories. I tried to make my decorating so simple this year. Stutman's decorating classes really helped me. Like Larry said, if you just gather what you want to use and have that all organized before you start decorating, you will save time. I tried it and it worked. Using mostly white this year also helped. I loved decorating and going to all the classes, that I was able to attend. I learned so much. As you see I really had a white CHRISTmas. I liked it.

I am saying goodbye to another CHRISTmas, but not to all the memories. This Momma and Grammie has tucked "all her memories" in her heart. Just as Mary pondered those things, so have I.

If you have some memories of this CHRISTmas, would you please just take a minute and encourage us all with some of them? Thank you ladies. You are truly a blessing!

If you have any pictures on your blog of your CHRISTmas tell, so we can all come over. I will anyway, if you comment. Smile! I love looking at your blogs. It is my treat to myself every day.





  1. Oh Linda sweetie...
    How beautiful is this post. I love the pic of your tree and what a wonderful idea to put the tree in an old wash bucket. I love it.

    I also love the idea of tucking into one of the ornaments all that were present on Christmas Day (like you did with your mitten). I will have to search my tree and see where I can tuck such a list. Just beautiful, so beautiful.

    DH always reads the Christmas Story to all present on Christmas Eve. We have done that since we were married. I love to hear him read. I will never tire of that.

    We took so many pics at Christmas as always. I have a few posted on my blog, so pop over and see. We have no snow in Phoenix, the grand daughters got new bikes, so my pics are of them outside. The sun is shining.

    While you are having a snow camp today with your grandkids. Our grandkids are going to be helping us clear the lemon tree of all of the lemons needing to be picked. Share pics later of your camp I can't wait to see.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. The wash bucket looks great under the tree. I love the ornament Love was born on christmas morn. What kind of ornament is it? Your house looks festive. God Bless your family

  3. Hi ladies, Sherry how fun to be able to pick lemons. I loved doing that at my momma's house when she lived in California. I can taste her lemon aid right now! Thank you for leaving a comment.

    I came to look at your precious pictures. Cute kids!

    Cindy, thank you for coming over. It was fun using the wash bucket! The little ornament is from a comany called blossom Bucket. I just love their stuff. Here is a link. Hope it works for you.

    I looked for the Love was born one, but couldn't find it. Keep looking on the net and maybe you will find it.

    Love you ladies. You are so special!

    Blessings, Linda

  4. Linda, I just love reading your blog, so uplifting, you have a real gift to blog so wonderfully. I LOVE the washbucket under the tree, what a fab idea..I have had my tree skirt for so long, I am tired of it, but it's kind of a tradition I guess..I am very sentimental when it comes to Christmases past when the boys were young, hate to part with any of it, lol..But think next year will go with a theme tree...
    Blessings for the new year Linda..

  5. Barb, I know what you mean. I didn't put up the old ornaments this year for the first time in ever. I enjoyed the simple though. With 9 grandbabies and 9 big kids it has me hoppin! Now that is a sight!.

    Thanks for coming over and for the blessing.

    Hugs to you also, Linda

  6. Oh how beautiful! You decorate so wonderfully Linda!

    How fun for your grandchildren to have such loving grandparents to do those special things with them. You are a great example to me...I would love to do those sorts of things when we are grandparents. Have a fabulous time!

    With Love,

  7. I love the idea of the washbucket.... I will have to use that one next year!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  8. I love it all! Enjoy your day and can't wait to hear and see all about it!

  9. What a pretty tree! Enjoy your little folks!

  10. Oh Linda! I just love the wash bucket for the tree stand! I have a couple of them and I think I will use one next year! (I don't think I will have to worry about the water going dry! Fill 'er up once and that should do it, don't ya think?! ;~D )
    And I had everyone sign the little paper in the mitten I won from you! What a fun memory for future Christmas's!
    My tree is very 'eclectic' with all the different types of ornaments! Most are gifts from friends ~ some hand made, others bought, but it is so fun to think of each dear friend when putting them on the tree!
    I just love the all white theme you had for your tree decorations. It is so sweet and soothing to look at.
    (Still)Christmas Blessings!

  11. Hi Linda, everything was beautiful in your home!
    This Christmas, my grandpa had problems to move and come to our house, so we decided to go there, but my mother in law didn't agree because Grandpa'house is a little bit far from ours and she didn't want to come. We had a great Christmas with my grandparents, aunt and uncle and my parents, but my husband was a bit sad, because his parents and brothers weren't with us. I think Christmas is the time to be with the family... and km are not so important!!!

  12. Linda,
    I truly enjoyed my visit today! What a beautiful post! I hope you had a wonderful party with your grandkids!!

  13. I love the washbucket under the tree. Great idea! Thanks for your reminders of what Christmas is for.

  14. What beautiful decorations, love the tub! And the key to your heart, so pretty and a perfect sentiment!

  15. Thanks for such a wonderful post glorifying the Savior!
    Just found your blog and so enjoy fellowship with other believers.

  16. Beautiful! You snowman camp sounds like bunches of fun!


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