Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Simple Decoration

You will hardly need any supplies for this decoration. It is soooo simple
to make and so beautiful!

Supplies needed:
Mason 1/2 gallon jar
branches from any kind of tree
favorite potpourri
20 mini lights (indoor)
1 yd. ribbon of your choice

Put a little potpourri in the bottom of the jar.

Start putting some of the lights in the jar, not all of them.

We bought our tree from Home Depot this year. They had lots of branches all piled in a corner. They had been cutting off the bottoms from trees that others had bought. It looked like a gold mine to me and so I asked if they were for the taking. I took!!!!!!!! I will be making lots of decorations using the branches. I just love FREE! I broke off small pieces from the branches and stuffed in the jar around the lights.

Keep stuffing the jar with the spruce tree branches and alternate with potpourri. Plug in the lights and it will have a wonderful smell, that will permeate your home. Smells so good. Do not use unless you are at home. I have never had any problems with this, but it isn't on for long periods of time. I hope you enjoy this idea!



  1. Thank you for this, Im going to make one today

  2. OOH! I love this idea! We are getting our tree soon so I'll keep those extra branches handy! Thanks!

  3. Hi sweetie...
    Oh how exciting. I love this decor. I am going to our local Home Depot as they are getting trees in today, and see if they have any branches that I could have. I would so love to have some real ones just for decorating.

    I love this little jar. Those battery operated ones would be delightful, because you could just reach down in the jar and turn them on, and you wouldn't have any cord showing.

    Thanks for the sharing of this idea. So sweet and festive.

    Stop by and see what I made over the last couple of nights. I posted last evening. I so love him. Country hugs...Sherry

  4. I've made one without the lights, filled it with Christmas bulbs, tied a ribbon around it and added a candle/votive on top. Love it!

  5. I can just smell Christmas! What a cute idea!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  6. How cute it this?!?! Love this idea.. I'm going to hunt up a mason jar.. HA!

  7. very pretty! How Christmasy and cute! :) Oh, I love your nativity banner too! :)

  8. Very pretty - creative & simple, my kind of Christmas craft!


  9. So beautiful! I love fresh cut greens at Christmas...and the smell is so wonderful!


  10. What an adorable idea! I love it! Thank you for posting. :)

    Happy Holidays to you,


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