Monday, December 7, 2009


Star On Our Barn

I think that this star is the one that Teresa was talking about wanting to know how to do. Cut 5 twigs the same length. Mine are about 25" long. The twigs are about 1" in diameter. Look at the picture and lay each of the twigs the same. Nail at the end where two meet. It really is simple. Hope you can make one!! If you have a real tree cut the branches off (after Christmas) and then you would have a star. I keep mine up all year long. I have my star on the door of our barn.It is one of my favorite things. Enjoy!! Hope this helps you, if you need a little more help, just contact me or leave a comment. My star had snow sprayed on it when I first got it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

We have snow coming so Mr. Phil is out taking care of all the animals. They will be ready for the weather. I can't wait for snow. Shannon will leave tomorrow and when she gets home she will have tons of it. It is at 8" now and still coming down in Nevada!!!!!!! Awww, I hope I get as much!!!!! When Shannon and I were young and lived in Alaska we would get to jump off the roof of our house and into snow. Oh, the days. I remember when we would wake up in the morning after snow had covered the ground all night. If you would look out over the field, you would see little feet marks and a little tail down the middle on top of the fallen snow. There would be tons of little trails from all the little shrews dancing across the snow while we were all asleep. Hmmmmm such a fond memory. If you have a memory from Christmas, please tell us or maybe a memory from what you did when it snowed.



  1. Thanks, Linda, for the little Twig Star Tutorial, and to Teresa for asking! I would like to make one of these ~ let's see if I get enough time! ;~}
    Christmas Blessings!

  2. I think I'll add this to my "to do list" too! Perfect for our barn or coop. Glad to hear you got snow - we did as well. It makes it so much more festive! I hope Shannon had a great visit with you.

  3. Hi Linda, I found your comment on my embroidery blog asking me about the pattern for the washcloth. Thank you for stopping by. I will post directions for this in a few days. It is so easy to make. It is basically like a plaid afghan, except I just used 2 colors. I don't mind if you make them to sell. One reason for my embroidery blog is to encourage others to create!I just love your pretty blog. I had to smile at your blog name, because the name of our farm is Pleasant Prairie Farm, as well as my farm journal blog. I have a cooking blog, My Country Kitchen, and a country living blog, Eggs In My Pocket...where you get to know more about the animals and every day happenings on the farm. The links are on the blogs to each one. Hope this finds you staying warm, we are currently under ice. Drop back by in a few days for the pattern. blessings, Kathleen

  4. Linda,

    Thanks so much for responding to my question about how to make the star! I already have my husband thinking about helping me make some. We are city-dwellers, but we have a nice sized storage barn and painted it yellow, so they will look nice on either side of the double doors.

    My 9-yo dd and I finished our yo-yo table scarf in Christmas colors and it looks so festive on our coffee table.

    Thanks so much. Have a blessed Christmas worshiping our Savior.



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