Monday, December 7, 2009


Decorating on the Prairie Flower Farm!

Hi Ladies! This is Shannon visiting the Prairie Flower Farm this Christmas Season. My sweet sister has so sweetly shared her friendship with all of you ladies on her blog. I thank each and every one of you for your kind words and blessings. It has been a real treat to get to spend this Christmas with family traditions of baking our Grandma Reid's cookies together. They will soon follow on Linda's recipe teachings! Again, thank you so much for taking the time to bless me along with my sister. May you each have wonderful Christmas and spend time with your family knowing that each of us has a heavenly Father that loves and cares for us each and every day of the year. Bless you all.

Hello everyone, it is Linda and I can't tell you how much fun we have been having, shopping, laughing tell we can't stand it!!! We are sleeping in the same bed and Mr. Phil is on the couch! Like I said we have a little farm and and it was just easier to have sleeping arrangements this way. On our bed we have a little canopy around the top (picture on side bar) with Christmas lights all around. She wanted to read and I wanted to sleep. As you know on a farm little mice love to move in when it starts getting cold and here in Kansas it is cold. Back to story. She is reading and I am just starting to doze off and she said "WHAT WAS THAT"? I said, WHAT NOISE"? She said," I think it is Ratatouille!" We got the giggles so bad. Now that may not sound funny now, but being so tired and put that together with two sisters it was very funny.

We have been going to the manor to see our Momma and visiting our Dad. Also going to decorating classes at Stutzman's (I will put pictures up later), we are cooking today some of our Grandma Reid's favorite Christmas cookies. We have been sewing Shanny up a lot of Tea Bag Cozies for Christmas gifts and shopping, shopping shopping. I forgot to say that we have been sharing about our Heavenly Father. He has been so good to us. Phil prays with us before we go to bed........ isn't that the sweetest? I can't go to sleep without him praying. He's my special man.

I want to thank you all for the response you gave to my sister. You were just who I thought you would be!!!!!! One more day and a half, for the giveaway!!!!!!!! Come over if you haven't signed up.

Linda and Shannon


  1. So lovely! Your blog is so cheery and you are so sweet! Your home is looking very festive...and I'm sure it is so much more fun to be together!! I can totally picture the giggling moment you had at night...laughter is good for the soul so they say...I'm sure you are having a fabulous time!! God is so GOOD to give all these wonderful blessings isn't HE??


  2. What a wonderful time for you and your sis!!
    We are a giggly bunch and even more so when tired, so I can so relate!!

  3. Wow, you really have a gift for decorating.

  4. Enjoy your time together, it's priceless!

  5. I can just picture you and your sister Shannon enjoying each other's company! What special times. I'm hoping my sister and her girls will get to come for a visit this month also. It's a 5 hr drive with cars that aren't in the best shape. And with 5 teens and almost teens to homeschool, and a daughter who rehabs animals, she doesn't get here often!

    Please tell us how you made the pretty star sitting on the chair! I noticed you had one hanging on one of your outdoor buildings in another post, so I'm assuming you made it:)


  6. so great that you can enjoy the time together!Love your decorations, you are very talented!

  7. Isn't it just so much fun being together and making more memories and telling of past ones?! And being able to go together to visit your folks is precious! Have a wonderful time together!

  8. Hello ladies, thank you for the comments!! Shannon leaves tomorrow and so she is reading every comment!!!
    Teresa, I did not make either of the stars, sorry! The star on the chair is a grapevine star. The star on the barn is really easy to make. I am going outside to take a picture and then I will explain it on my blog. I will try to get it up today! It really is easy. Promise!

    Thank you ladies for the sweet words!!!
    Guess what, my daughter in love, Kristen is cleaning out my fridge. Wow!!! I feel so loved!!!!!!!

    Love you alllllll!!!!!!!! Linda

  9. Shannon and Linda.. you two are so blessed to have each other. I looong for a sister, but I just don't think my parents are going to give me one.. LOL! So... I will just have to enjoy your blog posts, and live vicariously through you too. Sleeping in the same bed.. how fun is that?!.. just like the old days.. huh.. bless both your hearts.

  10. It sounds like y'all are having a great time! It's so wonderful you can spend this time together!

  11. LOok at those little, intricate, delicate snowflakes here and there ~ where on earth did you get those?! They're delicious!
    I used to make those stars out of red dogwood twigs. I'd make them about a foot wide and hang them with hemp twine in my windows. I made a set for a sweet sister in law years ago!

    Beautiful blog... SO glad I found you!

  12. Linda and Shannon, I'm so glad you had such a nice visit. It sounds perfect! Speaking of mice, and farmhouses, I just bought 2 new 'mousecatchers' today. I'm always looking for the newest, bestest one for this ol' farmhouse. We'll see how this one works! Bless you both. I love those decorations!! You have a gift, for sure :) -Tammy

  13. Heather J, I got the snowflakes at Dollar Tree. A lot come in a package for only $1.00!!! I love it. They are plastic, but you don't notice.

    Shannon is now home. We had such a wonderful time and you ladies were really over the top with comments for her. She was so appreciative for sure!

    Tammy if your "mouse catchers" work tell us please!!!!!

    Amy you are officially our sister, okay? We always wanted more, so you are ours!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe the conversations we had sharing the same bed. It was a wonderful making memories time!

    Nancy, it was wonderful! We did a lot of talking! Thank you all for leaving your comments. We loved them.

    Love, me


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