Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 5 at Stuztman's Greenhouse with my sister

First, I have to tell you that we were late to the class. I really dislike being late!!! I forgot the camera. So sad. We turned around to go get it. It ended up being in the back of the van the whole time. So anyway I didn't get all the pictures that I wanted. Larry was at it again. He went looking around his place and found old rusty automobile coil springs. Now I would of never thought to use them in my decor, but they looked really pretty when he was finished.

He added an old instrument box to the right and added a large evergreen pick.

He took an angel that has been made from recycled steel and placed it to the left side. They also had trees, snowmen and reindeer made out of this recycled steel. Really pretty.
Larry then placed a berry ball ornament to the top of one of the coils and also to the top of a wreath holder, the picture doesn't show it very well, sorry. He added a ribbon bow in the center and he had the whole decoration done in minutes. I think the key is having all the pieces you are going to use for the decoration together at the beginning. You don't have to use everything, but at least you are organized.
On this table decoration he used an old red pail turned side was and an old red oil can. Took a large evergreen pick and put it inside the pail.
Stutzman's have these large poinsettia flower picks. They can be taken apart. Larry placed two of them on the table piece. One on the left side and the other in the middle.
Place a large red bow, a snowman statue and it is finished!!!!!! Really simple, but very pretty. My sister Shannon had so much fun finding wonderful pieces to take back home to decorate her house. My very special friend Mary also came and we had such a wonderful time together. My daughters enjoyed their time with my sis and Mary. It is so important to have Godly women in our daughters lives. We made wonderful memories this weekend at Stutzman's!!!!
Remember my little white bird I found at Stutzman's? I made a little decoration using a mini lamp, evergreen, small snowflake and Peace ornament. I turn the light on at night and it is so sweet. I knew I could find something to do with the little bird. I have two more to decorate with.
We cooked all day on Monday. We had so much fun in the kitchen using our Grandma Reid's recipes. Here is one that we made called Russian Tea Cakes. I had this little snowflake pail. I like to use cellophane bags. They always look so sweet with just a little greenery, berries and a bow. I gave a pail for my sister to take home and now we will both have the same thing on our counter. Be ready with a little gift of cookies for that someone who stops by your house. You could fill a basket full of these and hand them out at your church for a little treat "from your house to theirs." Tie a scripture verse tag and hanging off the side of the bag. Spread the "Good News" this Christmas.

My sister is gone. I so enjoyed her time with us. She loves the Lord so much and lives it out day by day. My daughters are the richer for it!!!!!

I have already given two Tea Bag Cozies to two ladies. I put the scripture cards, that I have for everyone in the Tea Bag Cozy download. One young momma hugged me. That was fun!!!! I maybe already blogged about it, but momma's really need a lot of encouragement these days.


P.S. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season. We have so much snow here and our horses are having a grand old time. Here are a few pictures for some horse lovers out there!

This is Kiowa, she loves the snow! The 5 horses get all fired up when the flakes come down.

Alaska is jet black and really thick fur for the winter.
Kansas and Kiowa are running around in the corral.

I love Alaska's face. She is a Tennessee Walker.
The horses are beautiful in the winter and with the huge flakes they are even more beautiful.


  1. Awwww! My sister has two Tennessee Walkers ~ Royal and Phantom. They are beautiful! She lives in the country in Kentucky on a sweet little mini-farm.

  2. Hi Linda. That Stutzmans looks like a place I would love. I hope you don't mind, but I've copied highlighting Christ in Christmas on my blog. If you do mind, just let me know and I'll quit. I thought it was such a good idea, maybe I'd help you spread it around. Love you!

  3. Thanks again for the fun at Stuztman's! So glad you had a grant time with your sister, and baking and spending time with family and friends!
    Your sweet Alaska looks just like the Tennessee Walker my husband used to have. They are great horses! All of yours a pretty!

  4. Beautiful horses! Beautiful pictures! The snow looks so refreshing :)

  5. I grew up dreaming of having a horse...but it was not meant to least not yet! :) We live in a regular neighbourhood with no room for horses. Thanks for the pics of yours...they are gorgeous!


  6. Loved seeing the pictures of your horses! Beautiful!!

  7. Oh, I love Alaska she beautiful!!!! I really want a horse,but our cow and goats take up all the room!!! (and they eat a lot)
    ~ Blythe ~


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