Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do You Knit Or Crochet? A Few Projects For You!

I wanted to get this up before CHRISTmas and just didn't. So here it is now. It is still winter out and sounds like we are getting more snow. Yea for me! For those knitters out there here is an adorable pattern. Free! I love free. This is one of my favorite patterns for mittens. You can find it at Knitting at Knoon Designs - Kathy's Mittens. I am not the best knitter, but I did get these made. I used a nubby cream all cotton yarn, that I get in a shop up in Lawrence Kansas. Love it, because it makes up so nice. I made 9 of these mittens for each one of my grandchildren. I put them up every year on a garland between the dining room and the front room. They one day will be their ornament, but not right yet.

Here are another two patterns for washcloths, that I found over at two very pretty blogs. The first one is from Yesteryear Embroideries. I have not crocheted it yet, but I want to after I get a few things wrapped up here at Prairie Flower Farm! I just think this is soooo cute! You will enjoy her blog also.

Photo used by permission from Yesteryear Embroideries (thank you)!

I saw this some time back as I was blog surfing and Kathleen gave permission for me, so I could show you what I want to do.

The other washcloth is from Homespun Living. This dishcloth is knitted and beautiful. It is real easy though. You do have to concentrate on the rows at the beginning. At least I did. My first dishcloth was turned around at times. You can get the hang of it real soon though. I am interrupted so many times in a day, so I use a counter. Fix up a bag with all that you need in it to make some washcloths, so you are ready when you have some sitting time. I always have something ready, because I just can't seem to keep my hands still. Smile You enjoy your stay at Homespun Living. It is also very beautiful. You will be right at home. Leave both the ladies little comments if you don't mind and tell them I sent you. :< ) this is a raggedy annie smile.

photo used by permission from Firefly Farm (thank you)!

If you start any of these projects you can start filling your CHRISTmas box with gifts and not be like me trying to get gifts made at the last minute. What a wonderful idea Linda, I think I am going to start a CHRISTmas box! When I am working on an order, I can make a few extras and they will go in the box! Great idea! Now, if I can just do it.

Blessings and I would love to see if you have any knitting or crochet patterns. Let me know or leave a comment and link, so we all can come to see you!

I wanted to add that I like to use Peaches and Creme 100% cotton yarn. You can find it at craft stores all around. It is really soft and has lots of colors available. I like to get the big cones that are available in white. Just thought this might help if you are going to start knitting or crocheting.

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  1. Those mittens are very precious. I am just finishing up a scarf to match a hat I knitted for my baby girl. My girls and I thought I'd have just enough yarn left for mittens. What perfect timing!

    I am going to permanently borrow (thou shalt not steal) your idea about the mitten ornaments for my children. Thank you!

    I just this week taught four of my children how to knit, so we are going to check out the washcloth patterns and see how they will do for beginners.

    Thank you for sharing your finds. I always feel at home here.

  2. I love mittens! These are so sweet. BUT I can't knit...I can crochet. Do you know of a crocheted pattern for cute mittens (even just if decorations)?
    Thanks and I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Hello from cold Kansas..... Snow is coming today!

    Christy, how sweet that you are teaching your children to knit! My momma taught me when I was young. I am so glad she did. I wish I had more time. I would love to see your pic's. You go on the mitten ornaments! They are very precious to me. I keep them up all January. Sweet reminders!I am so thankful you feel at home. I wish I could have a huge Prairie Flower Farm Camp, with all my sweet blogger friends. I have 80 acres............. mmmmmm....... how could that be done? Tents?

    Heather, I found you a pattern. I have never used this pattern before, but thought it was really cute. http://www.crochetandknitting.com/mittensm.htm I just put in crocheted mittens into google. You will find more if you do that. I am so glad you enjoy our blog, I love doing it. It has opened the world! I love people.

  4. Hi, Linda - What cute projects! I will have to give each of them each a try! Love the idea for a Christmas box, too - as I'm usually running around like crazy trying to get last minute gifts - LOL!!

    Have a beautiful day!


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