Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Dozen Quilter's Quilt Group

My friend Melissa over at Lilac Lane included me in a quilt group called, A Dozen Quilter's. When you go to her blog notice the little apron tutorial on the side. Adorable! She is a Moda girl now!

It has been really different for me. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone as far as design, color and style. I love it that everyone has their own taste and I am learning to appreciate that. Usually when I do a quilt it is two color. I just love cream or white and a color. I thought it would be fun to let you see what I have done so far. Each lady has a month. She will pick a design and fabric preference. Then the 11 other ladies go out and buy or use their own stash to make what she wants. I usually talk to the lady that is in charge of the month to see if she has a certain idea and what she might prefer.

My month to decide what I would like will be this spring. I have been dreaming of what I would like. Any idea's ladies?
Debbie wanted turquoise and red. She had always wanted a house block. So I did it.

Carmen wanted soft pinks and sage. This was harder then what I thought it would be. I like it!
Christy wanted Amy Butler fabric. This did turn out pretty don't you think?

I am working on a new block for Gayly for January. She wanted something with a star block. She gave us a site called Quilters Cache , this had lots of star blocks to choose from. Hope you can find something you might like! There other blocks beside stars. You will find everything there. Be sure to go to the home place and you can find other designs also. Tell me if you like it!

From our Home to yours,


  1. I think my favorite is the Carmen block with soft pinks and sage, no the house block, no the Amy Butler. Can't decide they're all beautiful!

  2. All the blocks are just lovely. But I am with you, I do like cream and then a color - it is so striking in its simplicity!



  3. Lori you are to funny! I enjoy you so.........every time I see your red shoes on my comments, it makes my heart smile!

    Maria, came to your blog, because I thought you were new here. I enjoyed myself very much. Your simple faith and love shines through!

    Blessings, Linda

  4. Lori, I meant "too funny", my bad Linda

  5. Linda, All three are lovely, but I LURV the last block the most. I would love a quilt built around that block, AND to have even a 1/4 of your talent!

  6. Amy, that block was sooooo easy. I can send you the pattern if you want me to. I will have to look for it, but just let me know. It is done in a really fast technique. It really was fast to make up. Just let me know!

    What are you talking about? You are so talented! I love coming and seeing what you have going on your blog. Your so fun!

  7. ohhh! I wish I had space to have all my quilting stuff out!!! Seeing all the pretty blocks you have done gives me the itch...But with 4 kiddos and no space to call my home it makes this season of life difficult to day will come! I will enjoy others work in the mean while!!

  8. I love the soft pink ans sage, Very pretty. Linda you are one talented sweetheart! Love to you & yours and have a super weekend!

  9. Danille, I remember when I was up to my head in little ones. I had 3 little boys at first and then my girls came 13 and 16 years later. I also have had many seasons of life and I couldn't sew as much as I wanted. Your day will come. I miss having little ones around that I get to keep. smile. My grandkids always have to leave. : ( Their parents won't let me keep them.

    Anne, You always encourage soooooo...... Love that upside down cake on your blog. Looks so good! You all have a wonderful weekend also!

    Looks like you had a wonderful CHRISTmas. Blessings!


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