Saturday, January 30, 2010

He Gives Beauty For Ashes

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Mr Phil went out this morning to take some pictures for me. I just love him so much!
He is such a sweetie to letting me stay in and keep warm.

You are welcome to use this picture for your encouragement on your
blog, if you like. Just put that it is from Prairie Flower Farm please.

It is truly a winter wonder land everywhere you look on our farm. The trees have ice and snow clinging to their branches . The wind started blowing and the snow was swirling everywhere in the sky. Wish we could have captured it on camera for you; as it really looked beautiful. I could even see it in the house. The ice cycles are about 3-4ft. long on the side of the house. We have not left our place for the last day and a half. That means PEACE in our home. Not having to run around and go here and there has been so delightful for this momma. I have been talking to my Dad and he is as snug as a bug in the hospital. Safe, that also feels good to me. He is feeling and looking much better. Our older kids that live closer to him are going and keeping us posted. Today we will go in and check on him though. He will like. I want to thank allllllll of you who have prayed and encouraged our family with comments on my blog. I believe that your prayers have been answered by the Lord for my dad. I told him that you were all praying and he said Thank You.

This last summer we took rolls of barbed wire down.
I think it looks so pretty with snow on it. Don't ya think?

The trees are hanging with ice and snow. BEAUTIFUL!

"Fuzzy Wuzzy Juneau" is wanting her food this morning.
She is so pretty with her thick coat. I love a horses nose. Don't
know why, I just do.

Those of you who have been following the Livesay family in Haiti please go and read this. Click Please start praying that the Lord would step in. That is their hope. It must be so sad for Troy and Tara. Thank you! If you wouldn't mind putting their picture and link up on your blog to get the info out, as to what is going on in Haiti. They would appreciate it I am sure. I don't even know them, but I do go and read at least 2 times a day. I have grown to love their heart for man in the name of JESUS.

I heart you all, you make my day special! Some of you write me so I can pray. It is an honor and I thank you for letting me know your needs also. I know we all have them and if we don't tell them we walk alone. The Lord gave us each other for sure.


  1. Good morning Linda, well its still morning here..thank you for your prayers, I am feeling somewhat better today..
    I just love your pictures, they are just do the horses stay warm in that snow, I always see farm animals in such cold weather I figure they are ok, just looks cold to me!
    Have a blessed day and stay in snug and warm.

  2. Hi Barb, I think is something about how their body changes for the different season. More fat and thicker coats. The look like fuzzy bears in the winter time. Love them. It looks cold to me also!

    You are so welcome for the prayers. I am so thankful you are feeling better. Life can throw curves, I know and it is not fun. I am glad you liked the pictures. Mr. Phil was a sweetie to me. I didn't want to go out, but I wanted some pictures. What a guy!!!
    Blessings and thank you for writing. He will get you on the other side.

  3. Beautiful pictures. We have snow here in VA also. I think snow makes everything look beautiful. Of course, I am blessed not to have to get out and drive in it. Be safe when you do get out. God Bless.

  4. Your pictures are so lovely Linda! What a gorgeous spot you have there ~ I grew up loving horses but never had one of my own. Your horse is so pretty.


  5. What lovely snowy pictures you have posted! Love the horse nose too :) So nice visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  6. I don't know if I miss not having snow, since I love to cc ski, or glad that the roads are clear and I do not have to worry about my family on the slick roads.


  7. Linda, your post is too precious. I love the horse pictures and those rolls of barbed wire! What a great photographer the hubby is! He is a real gem!

    I am enjoying the reads of the Livesay family. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Hello Linda :)

    I am SO GLAD to hear that your dad is doing better. What an answer to prayer :)

    Mr. Phil is a sweetie letting you stay in while he took lovely photos. I love the barbed wire photo and the one of your sweet horse, she is so beautiful!

    Have a blessed day my friend and stay warm :)


  9. Here in IA we haven't gotten much of a break from the snow. So far for Dec. and Jan. we had 41 inches. And our temps have been in the record lows, it's been a hard winter. I've enjoyed seeing the snow, but will be honest. I'm really ready for spring to get here.
    Blessings to you and yours, Fine Linen


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