Friday, January 8, 2010

Feed the Birdies Please!

This is a little junko. They are one of my favorite little birds. Doesn't he
look so sweet just perched on the end of my bird feeder?

It is bitter cold here in Kansas. It is 5 degrees outside. When you live on a farm it takes a lot more work to keep all the animals fed, watered and kind of warm. We are also feeding the birdies lots of birdseed. The pictures are taken right out my kitchen window. They are all puffy this time of year, specially since the weather is cold. Just thought you would like to see.
Mr. Cardinal has lived on our farm for sometime. He was extra bushy yesterday when I took this picture. He almost doesn't look real. He sat in the evergreen tree all day. Mrs. used to live on our farm, but she has not been around for some time. Makes me sad. I love watching them in the spring time courting. They really do! He breaks open the seed for her and feeds her. It happens every spring! I hope a momma bird from another farm kicks one of her girls out of the nest so she will come live at my farm. That doesn't sound very nice of me to say that after I wrote it. smile!

If you like the scripture picture, you are welcome to use it on your blog for encouragement. Just put that it is from Prairie Flower Farm. I love this scripture and I am so thankful for the love the Lord has for me. He is so totally wonderful! If someone has not told you they love you today, I do and so does Jesus!!!!!!!! He said so on the cross!!!!!

If you came to my house I would serve you hot cocoa with fresh whip cream on the top or Wild Huckleberry Sweet Tea that my friend gave me! What would you serve at your house?

From my Home to yours,


  1. Hi Linda. I just love this post. I've started feeding the birds this year and I had noticed they were puffy too. Very cute. I'm just learning all their names. I love the scripture and I may use it...thank you for that!

    It's freezing here in MO too.

    Enjoy your day.


  2. I am for sure feeding the birdies. I have made them suet, hubs made them a feeder. We repurposed our old feeder. They are eating, and CHUBBY! Of course Mr. Squirrel is helping himself as well. Stop over my blog, scroll down, and you can see my critters.

  3. Hi Linda !
    I have been feeding birds year round for years and years hear at our little farm! And I just finished making some little bird seed ornaments and a wreath. I will post about them when they are set up and photographed!
    I was just pondering some things I studied about in my Bible Study lesson today. I think God has a very special place in His heart for winged creatures or things 'in the air'. Scripture mentions birds alot ~ at creation, the dove and the raven from Noah's Ark, the ravens that fed Elijah, the Heavenly Angels, and then there is Christ's Assention (into the clouds)and then we will be caught up with Him in the air at His second coming!
    (Bein' silly) I wonder if we will get wings? ;~P

  4. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging post. My daughter and I were watching the junkos from our kitchen window this morning, too. I was chuckling at one hopping around the ground like a bunny. I am so grateful that the Lord gave us His wonderful creation to enjoy. Many blessing to you!

  5. It all looks so lovely Linda! Thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to have that cocoa with you...sounds yummy!! :) If you were to come to my home I could make you any assortment of teas or coffee...or cocoa, but my favourite these days is Rooibos Tea (with a little peach and vanilla for good measure)...oh is it yummy! AND good for you too...bonus!

    Blessings my friend,

  6. I enjoy watching the birds too! They sure do appreciate the food we give them this time of year!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS...I am going to take you up on the photo offer. I will place it on my blog and list your blog as well. Thank you!

  7. We feed the birds here at our house too. There is so much snow on the ground right now they would never be able to find food. Wild huckleberry tea sounds delicious! I'm coming right over!

  8. Hi Linda, (Sandy from loveyatostitches) Thanks for your sweet comment you left. And thanks for the reminder to feed the birdies. I must fill their feeder up again. Oh and the Wild Huckleberry tea sounds fantastic, wonder where I could get some of that, I'm a huge tea person. But if you came to my house I would serve you some Almond Joy decaf coffee, very yummy! Love the scripture, I may just use it some time. Thanks and lots of blog love to ya!

  9. Our little sparrows are puffing and sitting by my front door trying to get some cool air from air conditioning. I have water put around for them. So hot here at 111.2F, feels like we are melting, yet on the other side of the world you are freezing.

    If you came to visit I would offer you a nice icy cold drink, hope that doesn't make you feel cold.

    Stay safe and warm


  10. What a great post Linda!
    If you came over I would probably serve you some sweet tea...
    Goodness you are having cold weather~we have had 70's and 80's here~ hope it warms up for you!

  11. I needed the verses you wrote today...and the comfort of the birds. Thank you so much. I feel much more encouraged and uplifted than I did before I came here.

  12. Hi! Linda,
    What a sweet post! I LOVE watching birds and feeding them. Right now we are in a rented duplex and I can't do that - miss it a lot!!! I've enjoyed your pictures, and I will be happy to take your verse picture back to my blog to enjoy there, thank you!!! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  13. It's so cold there! It's been in the 30's and low 40's here. I love seeing pictures of all the different birds that are out and about.

    I would serve either homemade hot chocolate or coffee. You are welcome anytime!


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