Friday, January 29, 2010

It's snowing, it's snowing I am singing!

This is my little brooder house for my baby chicks. I use it to house my babies
in the spring. It is old a loved by me!

You are welcome to use this picture for your encouragement on your
blog, if you like. Just put that it is from Prairie Flower Farm please.

Hello, It is snowing! We have 5" and more to come. I am all snuggy in my little farmhouse and "lovin" looking out my window. It is sooo beautiful. Wish you could come and have some snow ice cream with me. Have a nice day! I am sure to have one with all this beauty around me!

This art work is from Tressa when she was little for a book that we did called Grandma's House. Makes me smile!


  1. Beautiful artwork from both you and Tressa! Love the snow ice cream recipe :) No snow here in our part of MO, at least yet. Enjoy your day! -Tammy

  2. Tammy, thank you for the sweet word of encouragement. I love her little snowman and snowladie also. I wish the book was still in print. I will be sharing other pieces of art on other occasions. I wonder if you will get snow since you are next to us?

    Sue, of course! That is sweet of you.

    I just got done making a little strawberry pinkeep for a swap at Mary Jane Farm. It is the sweetest. After the girl I swap with gets it, I will put it up on my blog so other's can make it, if they like. The idea was at another blog. I put the cloth strawberry in a pink egg cup. I want to keep it, but I must share. Smile!
    Thank you sooooo much for leaving me a comment. I truly appreciate it. It is like a visit in my day!
    Blessings to your day!

  3. Yes, it has snowed a wee bit here too.. We maybe have an inch... I can still see the tops of the green grass peeking out. I'ts always so lovely when it first comes down. Our Christmas snow finally melted this past week and now we are getting new snow. :-)

  4. Hello Linda! You can just keep that old snow down there where you live. We have had so much this year! It did snow this morning. Just great big flakes and now it has cleared up. My husband would call it a "skiff." And I'm happy to have only that. Now the suns shining and that makes me sing! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Linda, I'm sure it looks beautiful. I want to thank you for your sweet prayer for me yesterday, I about cried reading it..shoot I am crying thinking about it right now:) tody is not much better, just issues but I appreciate your continuing prayer for us..thank you:))

  6. Wish we could get a little of that snow up our way! I sure would like to make some of that snow ice cream!I love the snow and we haven't had any this winter. Glad you are having fun and staying warm!

  7. No snow here, just freezing cold. What fun artwork.
    I wonder what I will find when I clean out my basement.


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  9. Hey Mom, I really like the first picture! It reminds me of when you would help us make it when we were little. I really liked it! : )
    Maybe I should make some............
    Love you lots wonderful Mama!!!!!!

  10. Linda I wish I could come share snow ice cream with you. You are the very best. Love to you & yours and know you are all in my prayers and the prayers of my family too.

  11. We are getting lots of snow here in VA. My girls and I will be enjoying snow cream today also. This was a favorite of mine when I was little and I have passed it on down to my girls. Enjoy the beauty of this new day God has made.

  12. We had snow cream last night! It was so good! I've never tried it the way you suggested, though.


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