Sunday, August 11, 2013

Have a Blessed SONday!

Hello sweet ladies,

Yesterday when I woke and the sun was coming up out of the east.......the creek bed is flowing with very high water because of all the rain. 

Every morning there is a huge thick cloud of fog that runs the whole top of the creek. It is breath taking I think. I love early mornings when the you can still see the sunrising and the dew heavy on the grasses. 

Yesterday we worked on the fence that goes up to the pasture. We needed to get it worked on so the horses can have some new grass to eat. The girls, myself, sweet man and Tyler (Tay's fiance) all went. While out there our daughter Tressa said, "look Mom, there are tons of pollywogs!!!!!! She wasn't kidding. We both brought some home so we could watch them.....somethings just never get old! When I lived in Alaska the summer was my favorite time to go to go and find pollywogs at different lakes in Juneau. Loved Grandpa even gave me a pond so I could put them in it. Did you ever collect anything when you were young? I asked ladies on my fbook and they had precious memories!

Well this week is suppose to be full of rain just like last. Birch and Aspen are waiting for dry days. They had two dry days this weekend.....but starting tonight more rain in the forecast! 50% chance.......that means rain here in Kansas now a days! Love Birches face all wet.....he has adorable curls all over his body. God has blessed us and we are out of the drought. 

The soybeans are another blessing here on the sweet man and I walked through them yesterday.......we prayed......asking the Lord to bless and protect our crop. We so need new shingles for our farm house roof.......asked if He would help us! He loves it when we come to Him! They are beautiful! Some were up just below my hip. Some not! They have some time to still grow......the rain has they need some sun and warm.

Hope your SONday is a sweet one! 

I am going out before church and pick some more green beans......need to start canning them for the winter months. 

Hugs to your day....and if you have a memory.......please leave it in the comments. We would love to read about it!!!!!!

God bless you! 



  1. Beautiful pictures, Linda. You're a great photographer! Your farm is so pretty! Blessed SONday to you and your lovely family. Hugs, me

    1. Thank you Susan, I have so much capturing things I love! Hugs to you!!!!!!! me

  2. My sweet grandmother was like you, a woman of the earth. Believed in putting up he bounty of the land for he winter months. Never anything wasted or unused was her motto.

    1. You are so sweet about your grandmother! Loved it. I do love my garden for sure!!!!! It will come in so handy this winter for sure with all the college kids coming to the farm for SONday dinner! Hugs Ann, me

  3. Linda..your photos are breathtaking! You see Gods work everywhere, as we all should! Today I spotted a beautiful butterfly on our Tiger Lilies so Tom walked out and captured a photo of it!! I left you my childhood memory on FB....thanks for stirring it up once again!! Another of God's blessings!

    Happy SONday!

  4. Wow, love the morning shots. Beautiful! I remember when my brother and I were on our way to a Balloon festival in the a.m. we were out before the sun was up! There was ground fog and Mt Hood was a silhoute! Beautiful! I remember pollywogs. We had them in creeks and I remember watching them turn into frogs. Did that a few times indoors. We have had cooler weather, some sprinkles of rain but nothing measurable here in OR. Waiting for the rain that we need! But my tomatoes are growing well. Loved your photos you shared. Good job! Have a great week!

  5. Hi Linda, Your comment about pollywogs(we just called them tadpoles), brought back memories of my grandfathers farm. My sister and I would stay there a couple of weeks in the summer every year when we were little. We would always go out to the pond and see all the tadpoles in it and I would get the idea to build little corrals in the mud on the edges of the pond to trap them. We'd make little holes in the wall of the traps. Then we'd go play somewhere else on the farm, usually in the barn, and when we came back and put our hand in the slimy mud corral and sure enough, there would be little wiggler's in there. Just the feel of them against our hand would make us giggle with delight. Then we'd let them go and do it all over again. Oh the sweet innocence of childhood. Such simple joys on a hot summer day. Thanks for that reminder.
    Blessed "SONday" to you too!

  6. Hi Linda! When I was a kid I loved the worms and the frogs! I still do! Yesterday, on our walk, I saw a dried up little worm, my hubby laughs when I stop and pick him up and set him int he grassy area. The grass was still dewey and he looked like he was going to be revived! Earthworms are so good for the earth, I really love them. Have a happy day!


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