Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is Raining.......again!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Here on the farm we are getting more rain this afternoon (Tue). We had all weekend without, but here we are today and it is raining..... again! We are soooo grateful, don't get me wrong......having the last 3 years of drought... we will not complain, but we could use some dry and warm days to help with the soybeans. Today my sweet man prayed.....asking the Lord to hold back the rain if we didn't need it.......it rained......He knows best! 

SONday morning before church I went out and picked a whole basket full of green beans. Today after work before the rain came my sweet girl and I went out to pic some more. 

They are beautiful. They will be so nice during the winter months. I love picking produce......doesn't matter what kind......it always relaxes me. It is a wonderful feeling to be outside. Then the rain came.......I put on my rain coat and out I went again to keep on picking. I can't always go out in the rain here in Kansas because there is usually thunder and lightning with it. The rain was beating down on my coat.....it sounded so nice! 

The girls came out to the garden later to help me pick the rest of the beans when the rain stopped.......we will have a lot to can! There are tons more that are little that still need to grow. We ended up getting 1 more inch of rain. Thanking Jesus!

Had to take a pic of my chicky girl! Thought she was adorable against the mint. The wheat is growing in my straw.....that doesn't bother me, I pull it for my chickens. They love it! 

Also wanted to show you my sweet potato flower. Have you ever seen one before? They are so so pretty. I love seeing when they start blooming. Means the potatoes are ready.....we have had so much rain the dirt is muddy. I will have to wait to dig them.

This last Monday our family started back to work in the kitchen at the college. It is going well. The athletic kids are here the first week and then everyone else plus the new freshmen come the second week. We are going to be real busy when that happens! 

They have a new verse for the year. I love it! I am praying it for the college and for my family during the new year. You may join me in praying for the college if you would like. They would so appreciate it. I put this up on my fb and I have ladies that are joining me! So excited to see what the Lord will do!

Hope you are doing well, just wanted to say hello!

Hugs and God bless YOU!!!!!!!!



  1. Glorious green beans..can not wait to see them all in their canning jars! They will be so pretty!

    Love the prayer and will be joining you in praying it.


    1. Hello Gert, I got 21 jars done so far. I wish they would just stay the beautiful green that they really are. After you can they change to a different green. Oh well! Thank you for praying. Love the verse. We are praying it every morning! I am waiting for the Lord to do great and mighty things! Hugs to you, me

  2. The beans are so pretty. I know you will enjoy them this winter.

    How nice to work where you can mention the LORD.

    1. Hi Charlotte, thank you, I was so glad they turned out like they did. More to come! I love it that I can talk about the Lord. I can share Him all day long! Thank you for the comment......love it when I see you have been here! Hugs, Linda

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Laura, isn't it wonderful? My sweet man and I are reading and praying this. I am encouraging lots of students to do the same. I want them to see when we come to the Lord and pray His Word, He will answer.......can't wait for them to witness His answers!

      Hugs and God bless all you and your sweet husband do!

  4. What a blessing this summer has been, God always rewards us, in time! Nice catching up here!

  5. Always praying for you and yours and your college! Praying for Nick, he is without his mini fridge and microwave and it is tough. I saw him post on FB last night very late, saying he could not sleep because he was hungry. I was upset his fridge and microwave last year broke so quickly. Sigh! They were new. No one cares anymore that sells things, they are made so cheaply no one says a thing and they just go out and buy more! Except those of us who can't! Aarrgh! Love your green beans. I know how sweet they will look when you can them! I have some squash that was planted a little late because of the cold we had so I am hoping they are going to produce some yummy veggies. Next year I am going to try to add garden veggies to to plan! We were getting a little rain but nothing like Kansas! I hope you can get a few dry days for your soybeans! Have a beautiful week. Hugs Anne


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