Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farm Girl Sharing


My" farm friend" Gail and her son who live on a farm about 3 miles from our farm came and brought me some turnips this morning. I like them raw and my dad likes them cooked in soup. So today is Soup Day! I will do up some bread and he will be so happy. I think that turnips
are just so beautiful!!!!!!

Trusting that all are enjoying getting ready for Thanksgiving. Just know that I am so blessed and thankful for everyone of you!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE mashed turnips! Those are beautiful turnips. Enjoy your soup.

    Thanksgiving Blessings!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
    I love the turnip greens

  3. Yucky!! I can eat turnips but they are far from my favorite list! I do love the turnip greens though and could eat them at every meal every day and not grow tired of them! Danny loves them all and a neighbor friend who works with him brought him about a bushel of turnips yesterday. I cooked some of them for him last night and he was pulling them out of the pot and eating them the whole time they were cooking, like they were candy or something!!!!

    He planted a turnip patch but our guineas like turnips too, especially when they first come up ;-)........Could be guinea stew soon!!

    Never tried turnip soup! Send me the recipe!!

  4. We love our turnips in many dishes! In vegetable soup, chicken pot pie, and with the roast with potatoes, carrots, and turnips. We never eat the greens and the reason Linda's doesn't have the greens is... down where the turnips are in our newly planted alfalfa field, we have 23, 400-600 pound, calves that just love the turnip greens also. So when I go to pick turnips, sometimes I fill my trunk, I stop in the pasture and cut off the greens for my 23 babies who eats them almost as fast I cut them into the bunk. It is so fun to stand there cutting off the greens surrounded by all the calves. Blessings from Kansas! Gail

  5. I dearly love sliced raw turnips.....and they are so good in stew.the greens are good..we planted some in our garden this summer but they didn't do well....our ground needs alot of work..maybe next year!

  6. Your posts are so cheery these days with all the colours ~ Love it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Linda!



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