Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whiter Than Snow........

Purge (remove from me my sin) me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and

I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7

It SNOWED yesterday! Everyone was so excited in our home, because we love snow!!!!!! It means "Snowman Party" at Grammie and Poppa Camp! I am collecting party supplies and will soon be ready to blog about what we will be doing.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, she had called to see if it was snowing at our farm. Whenever it snows at their home they make homemade doughnuts. Now that is the neatest idea. Do any of you have any special traditions when it snows? I along with others would like to hear your ideas.

Our older sons showed up this morning after being out deer hunting. They had sacks of food for their sisters to cook up! Bacon, sausage, pancake mix, syrup, hash browns and bread for toast. We had a feast and my heart is fulllllll! I sometimes imagine that if I love my children so much, how much more perfectly our Heavenly Father loves us. I think I can meditate on that all day long. How wonderful!!!

A momma never gets tired of having her kids come home.

I can just find myself just staring at them. Anyone else out there relate?

I do love my children!!

They are on vacation, but still can work using their phones if need be.




  1. I'm not quite ready for snow yet...lol! Wow, you all did have a feast, what a blessing it must be to have all your children together. I know my mother in-law just loves it when all her three boys, their wives, and her grandchildren are all together.
    Blessing dear friend, and stay warm.

  2. When we were young, and the first big snow hit we made snow ice cream with one of those old fashioned ice cream makers. Tasted so good.

  3. It doesn't snow much here in AL, but when it does the kids love to get out and play! I like to stay in and drink hot cider and watch them play.

  4. Yes m'am, I do so relate. I love, love, love when my kids, their spouses and kids are ALL at the house. My heart is full -- not much better than that.

    Gwyn Rosser
    The Pink Tractor

  5. I can relate. When everyone is home, the world seems like a pretty good place again. You could make Christmas cards with that photo above, it's a beautiful shot.

  6. My children are anxious for the first snow! I love it, too. There is something calming and cozy about it.

  7. Snow? Whats that? If it snows here in Ga. we have such a good time just playing in it I guess thats our tradition.
    Yes I can relate, I love my kids and even though sometimes mine try and get on my last nerve, I am so thankful God allowed me to be their mom.
    Looking forward to hearing about that snow party soon! Blessings,Karen

  8. It looks like they have had some fun hunting! It doesn't snow here much, but when it does, we go out and play and make snow cream to eat.

  9. What a sweet post!! I miss the snow and my kids... I get so homesick, trying not to give up hope of someday going back home.
    Enjoy every day you can with your family ~ you are making sweet memories:)


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