Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today was a "GIRL DAY!

Stutzmans Greenhouse. on Hwy 61 in Pleasantview Kansas is having a Holiday Workshop every Sat. until Dec. 5th. Today my friends Alicia, Aubrey, my daughters Tressa, Taylor and I went there today. As you will see from the pictures, it was a beautiful day. Larry is their in house designer. He gave us all wonderful design tips for homes and outside decor. It will be fun to use some of the ideas on my farm buildings and our home.

This little building was built inside their greenhouse. Tooooo cute. I am so excited about decorating this year.

Now I would not decorate like this even though I think it is very pretty, but today he was showing us how we can use anything ........................

to decorate with, like old chairs. He would just hook the tree right up to things........................he said to not hang things off the tree, but to snuggle them in the tree. It really did look nice. He also would cut the ribbon in 12" pieces and tucked those in the tree.

he took an old milk can, used brown kraft paper in long sheetsand tucked the paper into the tree hooking it with the branches....... I like.... We live on an old dairy farm. We have lots of cans up in the barn. Mmmmmm...... I will have to climb the ladder to the loft. Wouldn't this be neat by your mailbox?

I have one of these wagons!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to do this one for sure!!!!!!!!! He just filled the bottom with burlap and then decorated the tree. Isn't that the cutest thing ever??????

They wrapped presents in burlap and wrapped up with ribbon.

Look how they decorated around the mirror of this old bureau. It was so pretty. That birdhouse would be so sweet with a little fat chicken in it. Not a real one. You know like my little chicken by my chicken coop. Oh my, I think my girls need a little "decoratin" goin on in and outside the coop!!! Okay Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm, I want to see what you are going to do. hehehe

This fireplace..... I like alot!!

I like the mirror and berries. Thought the sled was too cute.
Better pic of the sled. I had one of those when I lived in Alaska. I would really like to find one.

Larry took old suitcases and actually put a tree inside to the side. It really was neat.

This picture was a real favorite. They had lots of these kind of pictures. Beautiful!
This was another that I thought was very pretty. They have lots of gift items to buy. The whole time there at Stutzman was so beautiful. The ladies that work there are incredible. They are all so helpful. If you get to go look up Kim she is the cutest!!!! She makes you feel like a friend! Hope you can go. If you live in Wichita it is probably under an hour drive.

I hope this is readable. Every Sat they are having holiday workshops The address is 6709 W. Hwy 61, Hutchinson, Ks
800 279 4505 or 620 662 0559. Tell them I sent you. It is so beautiful there.

I thought this sign was so cute. I have been doing orders and can't wait to start on some of my Christmas presents for my family. Hope you are all enjoying the Thanksgiving season. It is getting so close so fast!!!


  1. What beautiful scenery! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. That looks like it would have been so much fun to go to! So much to take in and get ideas from! I am sure you will be creating something wonderful with all your new found info! Hope you share what you do!

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoy seeing the different ways people decorate for Christmas. I love that little sled too...very cute...and nostalgic. I love "old fashioned" things...back to the simpler times...

    Thanks for sharing your photos lovely!


  4. What a fun girls day you must have had! Getting all those tips, and really getting into the decorating spirit. I'd love to see how you use some of these ideas when you decorate your farm.

  5. Wonderful ideas!!!! I would love to tour the greenhouse!! Can't wait to see what ideas you use in your Home!

  6. Sure looks like you had a Wonderful girls Day! Over the top decorating ideas! I sure had a nice visit today. hugs, Diane

  7. Aaaawwwhhhh! I wanted to go too :-{ Looks like fun! I love garden stores/greenhouses decorated for Christmas. This Larry is one talented fella. What's his number? I need to call him and get some ideas for decorating outside now. I have to kick things up a notch around here this year. I have to impress you!!!!!

    I love the sign too!

    I am sure you guys had fun without me. I was at home plucking chickens!


  8. Oh Linda,

    How fun! I wish we could go together too! What a beautiful place and so many wonderful ideas for decorating :) I am getting antsy for Christmas :)

    Keep us posted on the next workshop :) I look forward to seeing you apply what you've learned :) Glad you had a wonderful time :)


  9. Love ur blog n all the pic's! Happy Birthday too Tressa with lots of prayers n loves!
    Looking so foreword to decorating 4 Christmas! Cellebrating Christ' Birthday!!!!

  10. These are such great ideas! I have an old milk bucket in my backyard. I was wanting something to put my tree in - elevate it so little hands can't reach too many branches. I may have to dust off that old milk can!

  11. wonderful wonderful ideas!!

    would comment every time if i did not have to figure out signing things. dyslexic i think

    barbara jean


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