Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 4 at Stutzman's Greenhouse

This fountain was right in the center of the greenhouse when you walk in. It was so beautiful all lit up. They spray painted it white. Then they sprayed adhesive on it and sprinkled glitter all over it. It was amazingly beautiful in the evening with all the lights.

Just imagine this at night with, only Christmas lights. It was so pretty. I would like to make some stars like this for my farm. I think I need to talk to my Mr. Phil. I'm "thinkin" he can help me. smile!!

Cute snowflakes. I really like this look. Hmmmm. I need to do this also.

I took a picture of this wreath in the evening and it didn't turn out. A lot of the pictures I took in the evening didn't turn out. Made me very sad. I am so sorry, but just know that it was beautiful. They had Christmas songs all evening with live musicians. Very pretty.
Here we are on Sat. morning at Stutzman's Greenhouse.

Larry said to start with a long evergreen garland. Lay it on top of the mantel. From here you are going to build your design. It was really fun to watch what he did in about 5 minutes time. He took large evergreen/pinecone picks and started on the left hand side. If you look at the picture below you can see how he would slip them in the existing garland. Some picks went up and others were bent along the front.

On the right hand side he put an old phonograph. It really looked neat on the mantel. He said
find anything old. He sprayed smaller evergreen picks with gold spray paint and used those through out the design. Lots of red clusters of berries and gold bells were used. Larry kept telling us to continue to just layer the items you put in the evergreen garland. It looked very pretty when he was finished.

Here is another mantel that was done in browns and really neat corrugated stars. The box to the side was to be used with a framed picture of your family inside or whatever you would like.

Staircase class
Use a long evergreen garland. Start at the top of the staircase and work on down the top of the rail.
Continue to bring the garland down the top side of the rail, using the evergreen sprigs and twist like a bread tie to the rail. Very simple.
Go down the side and then bundle the garland at the bottom in a little pile. It is amazing what he will do with this.
After the garland is attached to the staircase, he started by adding a flower spray at the end. He just builds all along the top of the evergreen garland going backwards.
He started putting large evergreen picks all along the top.
Larry took real long single strands of ribbon. Start at the top of the rail and go all the way down the top. Use the evergreen sprigs to tuck around the ribbon.
Very pretty.
Take a very large bow and attach it at the beginning of the rail.
He then took another flower spray and tucked it into the bottom pile of the evergreen garland. It topped the design off beautifully. I would never of thought of it, but it was so pretty.
This little white bird was my favorite ornament at Stutzman's. I bought 3 and will find a special little spot for them. Not sure what I am doing yet. Any ideas? They just look like little doves to me. Peace is what I think.

I enjoy going with my daughters. I know that one day all these classes will be put to use. I enjoy my girls so much, they are my sweet treasures.

Our time with the people at Stutzman is always so much fun. I wish you could all hop on a jet, and come with me next Friday night for the Grand Finale. It starts at 5:00. Please come!

I found out this last week that my little sister is coming to see me and our momma. I will be ready for her. Can't wait! We will do some mean sewing I am sure!!!!!!!

All afternoon I started working on my front porch. It is almost done. Hoping that some of my lessons are going to help me out. I will keep you posted as to what is going on. I am so excited for Christmas. How about you? I am asking the Lord to use me to bless some people that I don't know. I am also asking that when He does,He is will impress on me who they are! Does that make any sense? I know that there are so many that are hurting and without jobs. If each one of us could just be sensitive to their needs, we all could make a huge difference!

Blessings sweet friends,


  1. Linda~
    Thank you for taking us along with you to 'class'! The people at Stutzmans are so very creative and have so many good ideas.
    How fun for you to have your sister come to visit! After you get all that sewing done I do hope you give us a peek at the creativeness! And be sure to show us your Christmas decorating on your porch (and anywhere else, too)!

  2. Oh Linda...
    I so wish I could come. I love decorating, and learning and how wonderful that Larry and the farm are so willing to share their secrets and tips. That is how we get better at something taking classes. I loved everything.

    On those little birds, I think I would buy three little bird nests, spray them with adhesive and add Diamond Dust glitter to them, and then put your little birds into the nests, and let them rest on branches in your tree, or even on a wreath. They could go so many places with the little nest. Even under a cloche they would be so lovely.

    Thanks so much for taking me on this tour. I wish I lived closer, I would have been right there sitting with you. What a fun time.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. What a wonderful class.. so fun! I'm sure you did get lots of ideas, I look forward to you sharing them with us soon.

  4. Well Linda, I wish Kansas wasn't so far away; I'd love to visit this place and learn some things with you. His tutorial on the staircase was amazing. I don't have any mantels, but a shelf would probably be fine too. What good stuff. Please take pictures of your projects to show us. I'm fond of little doves on the tree too. Have fun with your sister.
    Toodles, Debbie

  5. This is so true. Immanuel - God with us! I pray for you and me that we will have sensitive hearts to reach out to others in need. Thanks for the pictures and this little bird is really cute.

  6. I'd hop on a plane as soon as I could! I do have a mantel and what good ideas you have given me. Thanks!

  7. Linda,I love your site. It is so uplifting. I am always talking to the Lord,sometime asking too many questions but always willing to help someone, I enjoy visting your site. God Bless You!

  8. What beautiful photos Linda, thanks for sharing. I thought the wreath photo turned out nice.

  9. How fun Linda!

    I love the snowflakes and white Christmas look. Oh I appreciate you sharing from Stutzman's, the only thing is it makes me miss my former Floral design days, I loved making garlands and wreaths.

    I'm glad that your sister will be visiting. YOu will have a wonderful time I'm sure :)

    Thanks for sharing and I KNOW that God will use you to bless others. He already has :)


    PS The little bird is adorable!

  10. I am in Kansas, also! I love your web site. Some Stubbs used to live in a town closeby and maybe still do. I signed up tonight for your newsletter and have the word prairie in my e-mail address to help you know who I am.
    I would love to hear from you. ~~~ Joyce


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