Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Tressy is 18!!!!!!!!!!

Last week our Tressy turned 18. Where did the time goooo!!!!!! After 13 years of us not having any babies in our home and brothers that were 13, 16 and 19 you came into our life with JOY that was contagious to all around you. You had artistic traits that were so fun to work with. Designing fabric, furniture and getting to design your own book with your momma has truly been a delight. What more could a little girl ask for! Now that you are helping us with our business with your computer skills, we say thank you. Today your family and friends are celebrating you birthday. Oh how I (we) love you!!!!!! The Lord has given you the gift of faith. When I feel like all hope is gone, you are the one the Lord has used in our family to point us to the Father, that He will pull us through. Thank you dear one.
Remember this in 2002? Did we have fun designing this book or what?

The other day on her birthday she came up to me and held me and said "Momma I will always be your baby girl". What more can a momma ask for? My prayer for Tressa is that she will love the Lord her God all the days of her life and that she will serve Him to the best of her abilities. Your family and friends love you sooooooo much!

You are my delight and I will love you forever!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Tressy!!!! I am sure your mother and father can't believe that you are now 18!!!! You are such a beautiful girl and you hold the world in your hands!!

    Keep your faith and all good will come to you!!

    Eat a big piece of cake for me today!!!


  2. Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful young lady!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tressy! Such a pretty girl, inside & out. You are so blessed! - Tammy

  4. Aww, Happy Birthday to your baby "girl"! Have a very blessed day as you celebrate.
    Blessings, Fine Linen

  5. Happy Birthday,Tressy! Have a good day!

  6. Happy birthday to Tressy! What a beautiful young lady, inside and out I am sure...God's blessings always be with you..

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Tressy!
    Hope that your special day was filled with all that you love and hold dear! ♥

  8. Happy Birthday! Aren't daughters wonderful and such a blessing. Our only daughter turned 18 and graduated high school on the same day. It was quite a day. She helps us with computer stuff and makes sure we aren't left behind in this electronic age.

  9. Happy Birthday Tressa!!!!I hope your Birthday was filled with many blessings from the Lord :)

    Very beautiful young lady!

    The book looks wonderful, what a wonderful blessing and keepsake :)

    Have a beautiful day in the Lord!


  10. She's beautiful! How lucky you are to have her! Happy Birthday!!!

  11. So wonderful Linda! What a blessing from the special that He gave you a little girl after so many years!! Happy Birthday to Tressy! :)

  12. Happy Late Birthday Tressy! Such a beautiful young lady, Hope you had a wonderful day!


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