Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stutzman's Week Two,

Larry and Kim at Stutzman's Greenhouse were teaching us everything we need to know about wrapping presents.He said you don't have to decorate every present just enough to decorate around the tree. I am not sure who's ladies head this is. Sorry kind of looks funny huh? Looks like she has the beginning of a present on her head.

Start you present with a wrapped box. Tie the box up with wired ribbon leaving the ends free.
Everything Larry does is so relaxed!!!!
Make a big bow and hook to the package. Sooooo easy!!!!
Larry took this really large evergreen/pine cones pick and tucked it under the bow and bent it up into the back of the bow.
Pull the bow up between the evergreen branches.
Look at this present. Larry said " A present within a present!" I agree!
Using berry and evergreen picks were so pretty and really dressed up the present!

Start with a white present. Take gold holly and greenery picks and tucked them under the bow. Bring the bow loops and fan it out bending the bow to make it pretty. Larry would take small pieces off the gold holly pick and added it to other parts of the evergreen.
Mr. Larry said "don't hang the ornaments tuck them in!!!!! He will come to your house and cut the ornaments off. That would not be fun!
They have two windows. I love looking inside. It is breath taking. I just wanted to show you both. So pretty. See the berry garland at the top of the window?
The window has snowflakes hanging all down from the ceiling, and then presents wrapped in burlap. Cute!!!!! That was probably my favorite present that was wrapped. I went today to by some burlap. Can't wait to pretend I am Larry and start wrapping presents. Ha! They had snow sprinkled all over. Clusters of red berry picks and wreaths. Just beautiful! This was the cowgirl (cowboy) tree. They bought rope at Walmart and as you see they wrapped it up a few times and then roped it into the tree. My Taylor wants this for her room. We have bought one saddle ornament so far. We will be adding a few more, slowly. We are going to take cardboard and cut them into stars. Then we will take some thin rope and glue around the edge. We have some lime green bulbs to add. Her bedroom is in lime and brown. Her daddy is going to cut some barbedwire into pieces and she is going to make the shape of stars out of them. Then she will tie the ends with twine. We also bought some rope for her tree.
I really like this rail that Larry did. They have a lot of really nice beautiful ribbons, that are really different then what you see at other places.
Look at the little white trees. They were one of my favorites.

I thought that this pillar was so neat. They build everything right in the inside the greenhouse. Lots of old windows tucked in everywhere! Love it!!!!!

My Phil had to go into Orshlen's to get some medicine for one of our horses. Look what greets everyone. I thought it was so unique. Don't you think so? Cute cute!

Well that was my day with my precious girls. It was really a fun day! Next Sat. they will be doing wreaths and swags. Can't wait! Hope you enjoy seeing what we saw today.




  1. Oh how I wish we had a Stutzmans here! Such a beautiful place. I am sure it was a treat to see. Such great ideas too. I love the packages and I think the tire snowman is just way too cool!!!!!

    I'll keep Taylor in mind when I see western Christmas decor ;-)

  2. How fun to get to see first hand how to decorate a Winter Wonderland! Beautiful!
    Thank you for taking us along with you.

  3. Oh what fun, I dont know that Id want to open the presents with them looking so pretty. What a beautiful little shop and such a unique snowman too. Thanks for sharing your day! Blessings,Karen

  4. Thank you for sharing Linda :) I was hoping that you would take us every weekend :) I too love using greenery on my packages and for decorating inside. Stutzman's is so beautiful!


  5. What a beautiful post...such gorgeous pictures!! It's so much fun to "window shop" when the windows are dressed like that!


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