Monday, March 15, 2010

Egg In My Pocket, Not A Good Idea!

Not very smart!!!!!

It is sun shining outside TODAY! I love all the SEASONS, but I do like it when one season is finished and the next one is starting to show it's self! Today is like one of those days and I am so excited! Well, as some of you know I love to go out in my night clothes and gather my eggs. Only when it is warm though. Today it is warmer then it has been so out I went. I had on my sweatshirt, nightgown and pj bottoms. Quite the sight I must say. Anyway I decided to move one of my chicks, that I had in our little milk barn to the big chicken coop. She is such a sweet and very very tame. I moved her in and stayed around to make sure that the big girls wouldn't bug on her. They are kind of bossy that way when a new girl gets introduced. She did fine, but I will have to check on her through out the day. I saw that one of my girls had laid an egg, so I put it in my pocket. I forgot that it was in there. When I came into the house I noticed that someone had left the door open to my cupboard and Cassie our oldest daughters cat was in it. I bent down.............. to get her out. I still wondered what it was. Duh!!!!! I went into the kitchen and said to the girls, "I can't figure what just got on me". I am a little slow. Yuk!!!!!

I remember one time when I was a young girl homesteading with my parents in Alaska. My Mom needed some eggs, so my Dad put me behind him on our horse. We road over to my Grandparents house to get the eggs. For some reason I put them in my pocket. Not sure why I did that! We did not make it home with whole eggs. Guess I am a slow learner.

Happy Spring ladies!
It is almost here. Tell me what the weather is like in your area. Hope it is pretty like it is here. We hardly had any sun it seems this last winter. I really need some sun!!!!!

I am planting some seeds today. I will let you see what I did tomorrow. Are you planting any seeds in the house? I just love to see the little green sprouts coming up.



  1. It is going to be beautiful today here in Sparks, Nevada. It's suppose to reach 68 degrees. Yeah! That should improve my mood today! Saturday, we watched our nephew from California play Lacrosse at the University of Nevada. Boy howdy was it cold at a whopping 39 degrees. I think that boy knows how much we love him at those temperatures! Although he was the one in shorts not us!! Have a happy planting day sister!

  2. LOL! Thank You for my laughter today! Just when I needed the laughter the most.. just now!
    God Bless!

  3. Cute post Linda! Wish I had some farm fresh eggs to put in my pocket! LOL! Have a wonderful week dear!


  4. I have pics of my seeds coming up. I have never been able to plant my garden so early.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Oh...I did that just a couple of weeks ago - but it was several eggs in my pocket!

    It is a mild day in the Northwest. I have tomato & pepper seeds planted inside and some lettuce and onion starts in the garden. I cannot wait for springtime!


  6. Thank you for a laugh! I received the tissue holder you sent for a prize in the cookbook contest. It is so beautiful and cheerful.
    Our weather is wonderful this week. We don't have the very cold winters or snow like you do, but it has been nice to see my plants coming up in the garden and kids playing outside in shorts and t-shirts!

  7. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who goes to the barn in her pj's. I am sure my neighbors think I am a little goofy. I too have cracked many an egg in my pocket. Thanks for sharing your cute story!

  8. Oh Dear! That is too funny. Have a nice sun shiney day.

  9. Linda~
    I think farmgirls everywhere wear the same thing and do the same thing! I am known for traversing around the farm in my pjs and am forever forgetting about eggs in my pockets. They are quite the surprise when I am at the store or talking to a friend and reach into my pocket for keys and pull out and egg!
    Hoping hubby can help me put the poles in for the peas when he gets home from work. And I just bought some potting soil to start some things indoors!

  10. Been there done!! Glad to know I'm not the one.
    It's been sunny here the last two day. Which I love, missed the sun. And the temps have warmed up a bit.
    Have a blessed week sweet friend!

  11. Oh,Mom! Thank you, I could see you walking around the farm and had to laugh. I am also ready for warm weather and being able to hit the bike trails. Kitty

  12. What a cute story! I have done silly things like that too! I think we get so busy! We forget! The warmer weather is wonderful. I saw some green grass peeking in my lawn today! I love it! I hope your week is wonderful! Blessings!

  13. Michigan is muddy, I need a new batch of chicks, and we've been trying for two weeks to order our seeds...but cheers to a happy spring!

  14. Scrambled eggs, anyone?

    We're just pulling out all the spring/summer clothes complete with flip-flops here in AZ. We're enjoying the spring because it's going to be darned hot here pretty quickly. Must. Go. Outside.


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