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Last Saturday I was humbled when I received the Sunshine Blog Award from "Our Bluebell Country." First, thank you so much for the sweet award my friend, Mrs. Homemaker. My prayer clear back when I started my blog was that when ladies came to it, it would be a place of encouragement and a place where they would be built up as precious ladies that the Lord intended for them to be. I had just a few followers back then. This is what I prayed for on the first day of my blog.

Heavenly Father, as I come into your presence I first want you to know that I want to serve you all the days of my life. I know that without you life for me would just not matter. You have been my rock when I just didn’t think I could handle life. You have been a light unto my path, when I needed direction for the next step. You have been my JOY when I was able to see your finger prints all over the circumstances that needed healing. You have been my deliverer when I couldn’t see an escape. You have touched my life, my family and Father for that I call you Faithful. Thank you for holding me in the palm of your clenched fist hand and for not ever letting me go. You are truly my God and I choose to serve you with your help living out my days. Some say you are a crutch, I choose to believe that you are my Savior. I ask that in my writings that others will see your presence in the words and will hold on to you, May they be encouraged and if they have not accepted your gift, I trust today will be the day. I am a grateful woman that has been seasoned by life. Thank you for never leaving me. In Jesus name, Amen.

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world. By earning this award, I have been given the privilege of awarding it to 10 other blogs that I love to read. Mind you, it was so hard to pick just 10. I have so many that I love to follow. Oops I picked 11. Guess it was meant to be!

And my award winners are....

These ladies have followed me and I them for some time. Now for those who don't have your name up here, if I could have I would have put your name up. I have sooooooo many that I absolutely love!!!!!!! I really didn't like it that I had to pick just 10! Oops I picked 11. So I can't count.

Enjoy looking up the different blogs!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. It was filled with much cleaning around our farm. I started with the chicken coop. Yuk! I usually clean the coop in the fall and then again in the winter time. Not!!!! It was cold alllllll winter, so I just let my honey do the honors of feeding all the "Girls" and a few roosters. He is such a sweet man to do that for his honey! Smile! It was so nasty this year. So I wanted you to see what I did. My body is killing me today. Oh, I also had three adorable grand sons out for two days. They played Farmopoly with their Aunt and also helped me a "little" outside. I told them if we cleaned some in the garden they could start a fire. That got them real good! Here is what I did.

This is the entrance to my little" Chicken Coop". The siding is coming off this year and we are going to paint it. I have gone back and forth on what color. Any ideas? It used to be the wash house along time ago. The other day Aunt Evelyn told us that when a tornado came through they were all sitting inside shelling peanuts. They all had to take off to the little milk house for safety. I really don't like tornados. Being an Alaskan girl we didn't have them up there, only earthquakes. That isn't much better. Smile.

I know this isn't a pretty picture, but when you have chickens this is what you get. Sometimes I see these little chicken coops on blogs and they look so clean and cute. Not a real thing! Chickens do two things. Eat and _ _ _ _! I am starting to giggle........... wish they could use the toilet. Heehee. I think I am probably the only one that is laughing right now! It would save me a lot of time!
Now look here, my sweetie "Man" came to rescue me! He is such wonderful good man!!!!!!! Remember Claris? My little 98 year old friend? When she saw "my sweetie" the first time she said, "Well hi Santa Clause!" She isn't funny.
Miss Little Chick" said, " I am not coming down!" I love it when they go up into the loft. She is the "new girl" in the coop! The other girls can be mean, like I told you before and they are.
Oh this makes this farm girl veryyyyyyy happy!

Remember Lily? Well....... now she has a husband. I ordered him last year and they are going to have babies. I hope...... I fixed them all up in a nice homey cage and hopefully she will start laying eggs. After she gets her eggs laid, he will move out and will be safe with here chicks from our cats. I just can't hardly wait!!!!!!! I love babies. Any kind!!!!!

Here is Momma and Poppa White Cochin! I have them in a happy home also. I just so badly want to see if they will have little babies also.

I took this picture out in the chicken coop. I am not sure what they used the hooks for when it was the wash house, but I love it! You are welcome to use this picture
from Prairie Flower Farm,
please put it that it is by us. Thank you!

So that was my day yesterday. Today is to be an other nice day and then they said, snow!
I hope you can read that, because I am not saying it very loud. I hope the weather man is very very wrong! It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.
I love you all bunches! You make my heart smile alllllll the time! Blessings to your day!
Tell me what you are doing today and don't forget to tell me what color you think I should make the coop or you could send me a picture of what color yours is if you have one.



  1. Thank you Linda for thinking of me for the Sunshine blog award.. you are so sweet. I love that you shared your day at the chicken coop and your girls with us. Happy Spring!

  2. Thank you so much Linda!!! That is soooo sweet of you! Did you see in my blog post the picture of my laundry out on the line~the clothespin bag you made?? :) I love it and am thrilled that I can use it that the snow has melted!!! :)

  3. Thank you sweet Linda,
    I feel honored that you thought of me for your special award! I hear you about the neat and tidy chicken coops girl, our coop doesn't look like the Hilton inside either lol! I think no matter what color you paint the coop it is going to be darling, like everything that you do! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I wish you warm weather and a Happy Springtime!
    XO, Dee

  4. Awww, shucks! Thank you, dear Linda! You are truly a blessing to me! I am honored by your gift!

    Gentleman Farmer built my little chicken coop (fondly called The Happy Hens Haus) is a smaller version of our barn. It had been painted the same color as the barn (rusty red, of course!) It is time to paint ours, also, and I am trying to decide whether to paint it the same color again, or to match the house.

    I was laughing along with you about the chicken coop! It is always a chore to clean to coop, isn't it? But such goodness for the garden! The *girls* always get excited about laying eggs in the fresh straw.

    I love to see new life on the farm, too! Can't wait to see your new chicks when they arrive! I have been wanting some (Buff)Cochins and am planning on getting some Cuckoo Maran's in April. I have never had them before but they are supposed to lay *chocolate* colored eggs! I think they will be fun in a basket along with our regular brown and green/blue ones from our girls! Who needs to dye Easter Eggs!
    Warm Blessings to you today, my friend!

  5. We can't think of a better blogger to be chosen for a Sunshine Award, Linda...congrats!

    Have you considered white with red trim for the chicken coop? Pretty and fresh, just like your girls inside!

  6. Ahh! Ms Linda,
    You are too sweet to me:) and I love you, my dear friend!! I'm so honored to be on this list. It is my hope and prayer also that my blog will give joy and encouragement to all my readers. I do so much love to visit your blog as it is always a ray of sunshine in my day!!:)

  7. Beautiful prayer, Linda! I am re-marrying my ex-husband next week and was wondering if I could adapt your prayer to use at the ceremony? Thanks!

  8. Amy, Katy and Dee, you are so welcome. I love coming to your blogs. Makes my heart smile!

    Lady Farmer, One of my chickens lays blue eggs with brown specks. They are beautiful I am saving them by blowing the egg yolk out. Then I will find a birds nest and put them in for a spring decoration. I am going to see about the kind you are getting. Sounds wonderful!

    Gooseberry Patch, you are just so sweet to come and say the kind words you said! Thank you very much. I just think so often of the day you wrote me to do the Featured Friday. It was a highlight of my life.

    Cathy, You are a sweetie!

    Tg, Oh my!!! How exciting for you! That blesses my heart and for you to remarry your husband how wonderful. You use whatever you need. Please send me a picture of your day! Awwwww, I just about cried when I read your comment! I made a squealed and my family wondered what was happenied!! I read it to him. Marriage is a big deal in our home. We think it is so special! May the Lord bless you both and reward you for your commitment!!!!!!

    Blessings everyone and thank you for writing me!

  9. On Tg, I meant I made a squeal and my family wondered what was happening! I just hate to make mistakes and I know I make a ton of them. Sometimes my brain jumps around messes up my typing. Good excuse! Heehee!

  10. Oh Linda!! I don't even know what to say here! I am humbled! Thank You my sweet friend!! I would like to think that you or anyone else could enjoy coming to my blog for some type of inspiration or at least a little giggle!!! This really means a lot to me!!

    Thanks again!!

  11. Linda you are a tremendous person. You always think the most kind thoughts and after the worse day at my job I loved stopping by. I work with a very cruel woman and I could use some prayer. But just stopping by here makes me smile :). I am going to blog about several different things including a lovely lady Kay in Australia who will write the name of a loved one in the sand near the beach where she lives. I gave her my unborn daughter Rachel's name and she sent the pic today. I am coming on 23 years having lost that precious little life. But please stop by. Blessings to you.

  12. What a wonderful post...left me with a smile :)
    I am hoping to convince my Hubby to allow me & help me get 2 chickens this year - even though we live in a suburban neighborhood...right now he thinks I'm nuts! Oh well, this town could use some country! I love surfing blogs & can't wait to check out your list :)
    I sincerely hope for your sake that the snow doesn't fall :( OMGoodness I am so DONE with
    Smiles, DianeM

  13. Dear Linda!

    Thank you SO MUCH! I totally was not expecting anything like this. I am so thankful that you are encouraged and blessed when you visit. The Lord gave me the name for my blog and the go ahead and I pray that all that visit would be blessed, encouraged and refreshed in some way :)

    I have to say that I am alwasy encouraged coming to yours :) You are a breath of fresh air :)

    The chicken coop looks great (and messy ;)) I would LOVE to have chickens some day. I will have to wait another year :) But, nothing compares to fresh eggs :) Yesterday was spent doing paperwork! Not fun but I am glad that it is done :)

    Have a blessed day Linda :)

  14. Thanks, Linda! I love your comments - made me tear up too! Heather

  15. dear, dear lady! Thank you for such sweet words and the lovely award. You've made my day!!

    I am always encourged by your blog and look forward to each new post.


  16. Thanks so much Linda!
    You are a blessing to me...
    Hope that you are enjoying spring!
    Have been thinking of you ♥

  17. I have to say that I am alwasy encouraged coming to yours :) You are a breath of fresh air hoa


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