Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rosa's Garden Tea Recipe

Fresh Garden Tea
You are welcome to use this picture on
your blog if you like.

I have enjoyed fellowshiping many times when I enter the home of the "Yoder Girls." Grandma "Grosmommy" Yoder, her name is Lydia, Rosa her daughter and Marian the youngest daughter all live toether. I usually come in the back door and it is always filled with colors that would satisfy the eye. Plants, eggs, fresh produce from Rosa's beautiful garden. Rosa would say her garden is not "fancy." I enjoy walking around their little farm and sitting at Granda's table drinking Garden Tea. Both of the girls care for their precious momma. They are my most dear friends (family). They are quiet ladies. A I sit in their home I tend to be a little quieter. Heehee, that is hard for me and sometimes I get them to laughing so hard. We have a wonderful time together. I found the picture above of a day I was down at the girls. I took a picture of this beautiful pitcher and glass filled with their famous "Garden Tea". I knew that one day I would use it on my blog. Since they are talking about snow, I thought I would just bring out the tea and hope that the weatherman doesn't know what he is talking about. If you can find a neighbor with any kind of mint, get some starts. Usually anyone that has it is so willing to share. It spreads like you wouldn't believe. Keep that in mind, don't plant it by anything that you want the mint to take over. Rosa also dries the Apple Mint in the fall. You can lay it out on screens or she takes a sheet and lays it over a bed and lets it dry with a fan on it.

The girls also have a little Tea Room that I help them fix up every fall. They use it a lot during the fall and winter season. So do the other family members, for CHRISTmas parties. It is really a fun place to entertain. If you could ever come and visit me, I will be sure to take you down for some Garden Tea with my special friends (family). They gave me a wire wall hanging. It is one of my favorite treasures.

Almost forgot to tell you!


Looks at these little seeds. They are the sweetest little things.

I just love LIFE! God is so good to give us seeds!




  1. I love your tea picture. I LOVE stoneware crocks (and am addicted to collecting them) haha!
    My favorite herbal tea is spearmint and chamomile with a little honey:)
    I laughed about your seeds, because I was amazed to see mine have sprouted too this morning! I guess they are as eager for Spring as we are :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. our tomato seedlings are up and with our warm weather, growing fast....can hardly wait for fresh garden tomatoes....seeds are amazing!

  3. OH Linda,

    That sounds so good! I have never tried Apple Mint, hopefully this year :) I make a Spearmint Concentrate from our mint plant every year and freeze it for Winter :)

    I haven't begun planting anything yet! Things are still thawing here but the official date to plant here is after Memorial Day:( We have a very short growing season.

    Have a blessed day sweetie!

  4. Linda,

    I've been following your blog for some time now! I had to confess that I love it but I feel homesick when I read it. I'm a transplanted Kansan and lived for 7 years at Sterling. We even helped with wheat harvest there for two summers. I don't think our paths ever crossed because I'm sure I'd remember you.

    I'm in Ohio currently and our frost date is a month behind yours. May 15th seems like forever :(

    Keep blogging hon cause even though sometimes I feel homesick after reading I feel such a connection.

    Blessings your your day!

  5. I love garden tea. It is one of our favorites in the summer. Looking at your picture, I can almost taste the sweet, minty, cool liquid. Thanks again. Take care and God bless.

  6. I haven't tried Apple Mint. I'll have to try it. Try Pineapple Sage. It reminds me of Juicy Fruit chewing gum.

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. How sweet! I so enjoyed your endearing story. I love hearing about family/friends and time enjoyed together.

    Yes, that basil is looking wonderful! Have a delightful weekend, my sister~

  8. I love the seeds popping up! I am excited to get my mini greenhouse up and running. I have to figure out this blog background business. I lost my icon! I just don't know what happened. Thanks, I need your prayers always! Have a beautiful day and your daughter did a wnderful job on the new header. I absolutely feel so much comfort coming over here. Blessings!

  9. The tea looks wonderful. I love cooking with basil and grow a couple of pots of it out on the deck every summer. I am not looking forward to the weather they are forecasting for us.

  10. Never heard of apple mint, but would love to try some....I wonder if it would grow here in northern Maine. Someone else mentioned pineapple sage....I certainly am uninformed about alot of to find where I can find me some seeds or starts.....? I'd love to try a small tea garden....

  11. Is there any better sign of spring than tiny sprouts? We don't think so! :)


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