Friday, March 12, 2010

Strawberry/Rhubarb Farm Pie Recipe!

Click recipe to print off. Enjoy! Tell me what you think.

When I was growing up in Alaska when I was little my Grandma Reid always had rhubarb for us in the summer. It grew by the back door of her house. Mmmmm. I loved it. She would cut off a stock and then would give me a crystal glass that had sugar in it. I would dip the rhubarb stock into the sugar and repeat until it was all eaten! I do the same now with my grand children.

This Strawberry/Rhubarb Farm Pie sold very well for us at Farmer's Market this summer. It is one of my favorite pies. We froze a lot of rhubarb this last year, so I can have this anytime I want. It is so easy to freeze rhubarb. Just cut into 1" pieces and put in freezer bags. We also bought a lot of strawberries at reduced price throughout the summer. It is also easy to freeze. Cut into fourths and freeze on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Don't let strawberries touch as you are freezing. Place cookie sheet into the freezer. After strawberries have frozen solid, put them into a freezer bag and take out as needed. Maybe this summer you can do the same thing we do and then you will be all set through the winter months. We also like to buy lemons when they are on sale. Cut them in half, put in freezer bags and take out as needed. We love to make Lemon Curd to go with our scones. It is another favorite!!!!! Mmmmm I can taste them now. Do you have any helpful hints for all of us on what you freeze?

Oh, forgot to ask. Do you have any rhubarb recipes that you would like to share? If you do, you can either put it in the comments or email me. I will put them up for everyone else. Another idea is send us all over to your blog. Now that is a fun idea. We could come visit you!!!! I like that idea best. Hugs!

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  1. This pie is one of my families favorite, will have to try yours soon. Would love to hear more about growing up in Alaska, how neat!

  2. I'll have to pass this along. My husband's family loves rhubarb.
    Come by my blog I'm hosting an apron give away.
    Blessing dear friend, been lifting you up in prayer!! Fine Linen

  3. Yum! I am going to try this. I lived in a house that had rhubarb growing everywhere. I am so sorry I did not take advantage of it. My late uncle Louie loved it, this was his favorite pie and I use to make it once and a while for him. and blessings to you.

  4. Oh Linda I love Rhubarb! We used to eat rhubarb the same way (dipping into sugar) when we were kids, or my Mom would make stewed rhubarb with rhubarb, sugar and I think a little water. Thanks for posting the recipe :)

    Here is a link to a post I did on Rhubarb last year with some yummy recipes :)

    Have a blessed weekend!


  5. Thanks so much for the recipe. I can hardly wait to try it. I especially like the dough part of the recipe. I think this would be excellent with apple filling, cherry, well you get the idea. My mind is jumping ahead to all kinds of delicious pies. Thanks so much for sharing. I will do a post soon on rhubarb and share some recipes. Mine is just beginning to pop up through the ground. How exciting! Take care and God bless.

  6. Check out my blog dear friend...I gave you an award...

  7. One of my very favorite treats as a young girl was to sit on my grandmother's back porch with sugar in a bowl and a freshly cut rhubarb stick. We loved that treat. My mom makes a wonderful rhubarb cake. I have posted her recipe along with a few more recipes on my blog at

    Many Blessings!


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