Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What would you do today?

A little stitchery picture for you,

to use on your blog if you like!

Please just say it is from Prairie Flower Farm.

Hello ladies!

Today I am just painting away................, but I had to just come and say HeLLo to all my “special friends!” The sun is shining, the birds are singing their happy songs, “ALL” the roosters are out there coca doodle dooing, Momma Chickens are laying their eggs, (so this momma can have babies :< ) and NNNooo Kansas wind! What more could a “Farm Girl want? Warmer Weather!!!! Smile! I seriously need to work on being thankful today!

Say you could have a day all to yourself, what would you do?

If I could do anything it would be to go and sit under the sunshine in the my “little Potter’s Shed” and finish stitching up my Grandmother’s Garden blocks. That is what I would do! Okay what would you do?




  1. Linda~
    So glad you are having some good weather! The last two days here have been lovely, as well.
    If I could do anything ~ I would love to come and sit with you in your *little Potter's Shed* and do some stitchin' along with you!
    Blessings, sweet friend!

  2. How wonderful! What a cheerful and fun post Linda! Have a great day!


  3. Sweet Friend,
    Oh how sweet of you! I would love to have a "Garden Party" for everyone that follows my blog and have it in my Little Potters Shed". That would be a wonderful party!!!! I would tell everyone to come and I would have the farm ready. We would sit and drink garden tea, have scones with lemon curd and fresh whipped cream. Then I would have little stitchery kits made up and we would sit under the sun in the Potters Shed. Did I mention that the roof came off from high winds years back so the shed doesn't have a roof on all of it. It is wonderful when the stars are out at night. Hmmm I will just sit and dream while I paint on what a fun filled day that would be.
    Blessings to you sweet friend!

  4. Hi Camille, So nice of you to stop by!!!!! I just went out to put some more straw in the Momma chickens nests. Now they will be happy and lay me some more eggs. Can't wait. You have a wonderful day also!!

  5. Sounds sooo wonderful! We have warmer temps and sunshine too:) Nice after that nasty weekend with the "snow" :( Tomorrow is the closing on our new house ~ I am sooo ready to get over there and start cleaning so we can move in:) Looking forward to seeing what flowers and plants are growing in the yard and getting a garden going♥
    Enjoy your day, Linda!!

  6. hmmmmmmmmmm...If I had the day to myself? Stay home and pitter patter around. I DO love being home alone (which is extremely rare with a daycare plus three children of my own and a husband) lol...I would clean (yes, I would LOVE to clean my home with no one here,,oh my..) paint craft projects that have been waiting forever to get done....

    I loved what you would do...I think I would bring my paints and crafts out to the pool deck to do my projects..Thanks for the idea..lol Blessings.

  7. If I had a day alone, I would saddle up my horse and ride wherever I wanted to that day. I might have to trailer him somewhere because too many people have sold their property and broke it up into 5 acre plots that its hard to ride not on the road. So I guess that is what I would do. A beautiful day in this neighborhood too.

  8. Hi Linda, you just lift my spirits all the time. I got my treasure in the mail and blogged about it!!! Thank you so much, I love it! You do amazing work, the quality is so impressive. I like to sew, but I am a just get it done and hide the mistakes kind of sew-er. I can tell you are very detailed and talented!

    A day to myself, are you kidding. Probably organized something, I love to organize. I am working on my cookbooks currently.

    Have a wonderful, grace filled week, my friend!

  9. Hi Linda, if I had a day to myself to do anything, I think I would join you and let you tell some of your wonderful stories and just have some girlfriend time! That would be so relaxing to me:)

  10. Oh boy! I just love your site and all your creativity. I am newcomer and so glad I stopped by to visit. We are currently missionaries in Italy and it is so fun once in a while to have "tea" with someone who speaks English.

    If I had an a day all to myself, first I would love to scrapbook, paint, decorate or work in a garden. Maybe then I would go for a walk. By about the afternoon, I would start cooking in anticipation of my family coming home! By then, I would be lonely and want to see their sweet smiles!

  11. Yes~ I am so with you! It is music to my ears to hear all the critters singing again!
    We are cold and rainy here again today. Surely it will warm up soon!


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