Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wind Is Blowing In Kansas and a Storm On The Horizon

This is the site of the "Potter's Shed" this morning when I walked from the
Hen House. It is a place where memories have been made. Those memories
will always be tucked in my heart! It is looking a bit like spring!

Hello Sweet Friends, hope your day is full of sonshine!
This morning I went out to check on all the "Chicks" in the Hen House and everyone is doing fine. They are laying their eggs for the day in their comfy little nests. They seem quite happy this morning, but they have heard that there could be some storms tonight. They don't mind though, because they are so tucked and safe in their Hen House. Their Momma takes very good care of them. After I checked on the girls, I went out to the Potters Shed to take the milk jugs off the baby lettuce plants. They need some direct sun and today is going to be a perfect day for that.

Look at those sweet little babies. So nice to see after a long hard winter!

I hope to put in some cabbage tomorrow. My Tressy made up some coleslaw yesterday, that was a recipe just like Long John Silver's. Mmmmmm good! It tasted like it to me!

After I left the Hen House I went to the Potter's Shed. The sun was shining so perfectly at the entrance of the door so I had to show you what it looked like. It really is a sweet place. A long time ago Grandpa used it for the baby calves, then they sold the dairy and Grandma started using it as her shed for the garden tools and such. When we moved here to the farm after they both went to be with Jesus, I claimed it and named it the Potter's Shed. It had an old trough for the baby calves to eat, so my Mr. Phil and I filled it up with dirt. It is wonderful for herbs, carrots, radishes, lettuce, and flowers. The roof came off way back, because of high winds, so it is all open. I love it, because when we have our picnics out there, we can watch the stars come out at night. We have CHRISTmas lights around the outside and little mason jars with wire that hang with candles in them. I have an old table that is one of my favorites and this last January one of our grandchildren had a program we haaad (smile) to go to. On the way I saw 5 oak chairs in front of someones house, it said free! Move over girls!!!!!!!!!! I was squished, but I didn't care. I can't say that about my girls though. Smile! I have great plans for sweet chair cushions. I just dream and write my ideas in my journal for the day I will be ready! Do you have some special things jotted down in your journal, that you want to do? Love to hear about it!

Oh, how I wish I could share the Potter's Shed with you personally!!!! I don't have time to start working on cleaning it now, but when I finish the fabric and two new patterns I will start. When I do you will be the first to see what I have done.

When I was walking out the door, I saw this and thought of how the cobwebs of the winter
are just about behind us. I thought about how I have cobwebs in my mind of hurts and disappointments. I am so thankful that I know the One that can help me clean those out!!!! Spring time is a good time to start doing some house cleaning in my heart. If you want you can join me! It is never to late is it? I know He will help me identify what needs attention! Smile!

My internet is so sssssllllllooooowwww. It is not fun! I am trying to keep smiling!!!!!!! Everyone has to have something in their life to keep them dependent on the Lord's grace. Right?????????

One last thing, I wanted to tell you, a lady wrote this morning to thank me for the Tea Cozy pattern. She said she was using it for a wedding shower. Each setting was going to have a tea cup and a tea cozy in the inside. So thankful that the cozy is blessings someone. Love it, blesses my heart!!!!!!

Blessings to your day and hugs sent your way!!!! I am a poet! YES!!!! Just had to give you a smile!



  1. thought about how I have cobwebs in my mind of hurts and disappointments. I am so thankful that I know the One that can help me clean those out!!!!

    amen amen amen..what an amazing picture and a wonderful analogy and TRUTH ...

  2. I love that first shot and would love to have that potters shed!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Your home is so lovely. I also love the kitchen curtains you made. Wondering about that coleslaw recipe. Willing to share? Take care and God bless.

  4. Hey everyone, so glad to see you left me a comment!!!
    It is good to know the one Angela! I need Him so much!
    Sue, wish I could come and help you build a potter's Shed! It really is a lot of fun. It is right next to the horse corral. Sometimes we are having breakfasts of blueberry waffles and the girls (horses) come over and sniff on our hair.
    Donna, my Tressy said to google "coleslaw from Long John Silver" and it will come right up. Hope that helps, if not write me back and we will send it to ya!

    Bless You!

  5. Thank you for your blog today it has been so uplifting as your blogs so often are. Today I went to the monument shop to have my mother's death date added to my parent's stone. I was not looking forward to the trip mainly because of the person I would have to deal with. Well, as God so often does, He turned something dreaded into something good. We spent about 2 hours together talking and laughing. It was such a precious time. As I was leaving she called my name and when I turned around she held her arms open to me for a hug. What a blessing. God is Good.

    Have a God Filled Day

  6. Love your blogs and the photos are amazing. The spider web shot was Wow and the analogy was beautiful!

    xoxo Gert

  7. Linda...thanks for sharing your potter's shed with us. The wind blew like crazy here in Nebraska. How blessed you are to live on your grandparent's farm....I bet there are memories at every turn :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. This blog is such a happy place to start my day. Thanks, friend.

  9. My tea cozie is here! Linda it is so beautiful! Thank you so much! You are always on my heart! :)

  10. Thank you for such a special post. I love visiting your blog. Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

  11. Hello Linda :)

    Thanks for sharing your stories and memories with us. I love the Potter's Shed. It sounds like a perfect place to journal and meditate on God's word :) Free chairs, how wonderful! I was able to get a free headboard and footboards a few weeks back. When the weather is more consistent in being nicer we will be working on refinishing it :)

    I have a journal for my Bible Studies and prayers and want to have a couple for projects to work on as well :)

    Thanks for always being so encouraging Linda :)


  12. I love your story of the Potter's Shed. How blessed for you to be living on the farm with all those wonderful memories!

    You sound like me... stopping on the side of the road to pick something up. My kids used to groan about that, but now my oldest son is on the lookout. He's hollered at me a few times to stop and pick something up. Haha!


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