Thursday, March 25, 2010

All In A Day On Prairie Flower Farm!

Look at my little valance that I stitched up for my new kitchen curtain. Just what my creative side needed. Every time I go in and look out the window to the bird feeders, it is so pretty! Take a little time out to do a little something to make your home pretty. I wish I had extra time to do more, but it does help me if I can do at least one thing a day. I just love this fabric, it is so pretty. I have two more valances to make for the kitchen, but that is for another day!

We are seeing so many signs of spring on our farm. Lots of birds are coming back after being gone over the winter. I open the door to our farm house and hear all the wonderful spring sounds. When I am sitting painting I can hear the birds outside singing. As I sit typing I just heard Mr. Cardinal singing away. Momma Cardinal has not been around since last year, so we think she has died. How I hope a Momma comes to our farm this year. I love watching them in the spring. The Poppa Cardinal feeds the Momma. We watch how he cracks the sunflower seed open and then feeds it to her. It really is a precious sight.

Even though I am busy getting artwork ready for fabric, I am taking a little fun time out each day to get some other things done. I put horse manure on my rhubarb, got some little lettuce plants from Rosa and planted them in the Potter's Shed and worked on transplanting my little tomatoes and basil. I did take pictures, but our internet provider has not been working!!!!!! We have to do something, but living in the country away from everything, is hard to find a provider. Well yesterday, I was crying (yes I was a boohoo baby) to Gail my neighbor about how frustrating it has been with our internet shutting down for days at a time or it is just sooo slow!!!! They also have been trying to find a better internet provider. She then started to tell me how they had been over at someones place not far from us and the family had found an internet provider for people in the country. Yes!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! It has been so frustrating like I said and sometimes life has felt like going up hill, "ALL" the time. Any one out there relate? We called the internet provider and he is coming out on Monday. I am so thankful, because the Lord has answered another one of our prayers!! Anyway all that to say it would take me forever to get the pic's up on my blog of my transplanting pictures, soooo I will put them up at a later date. You can go to a post from last year, if you are interested in growing your own plants . Click here It really is so fun to watch the little plants grow right before your eyes. Great lesson for teaching your children or grandchildren.

Well hope you are all having a good day today. It is to be in the high 50's. I am thankful for that!

Almost forgot to tell you Momma Puddle Duck is laying eggs. All the little Banty Cochins are laying eggs.......... that means babies hopefully this spring!!!!!!

Also, remember the wonderful greenhouse Stuztman's? They are having Spring Celebration on this Sat. the 27th of March. Look at this old washing machine that I am sure Larry fixed up. Just got the information this morning and thought I would send it on to you!

Now this is cute wouldn't you say?!

"Rejuvenate Your Patio with Trash to Treasure"
with our Designer Larry Rogers!
10 a.m. & 2 p.m.

If you live close to Pleasantveiw, west of Hutchinson, Kansas on US Highway 50. The Celebration is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. All the stores will have lots of fun going on? You won't be sorry if you come!

P.S. I have a momma hen that lays light blue eggs with wonderful brown polka dots. I have been saving some so I could take a picture with them in a nest. I thought I had better blow the insides out. Haha that sounds so funny that I am saying that. Anyway I started to do that last night with two of the eggs. I poked two holes in each end of the egg. I was so excited that it was working so I came into where my girls were and I said, "Look how cool this is?" Well right then the whole egg exploded all over my face. Thought it might give you a laugh. I guess I was blowing to hard. I will be more careful next time. It worked on the first egg. Smile!
Blessings and Hugs!!!!!!!!



  1. I have been following your blog since you were honored by Gooseberry Patch. I'm enjoying it immensely!
    We live in a very rural area and have dial-up internet access. It is sooo slooow. Often I can't get your pictures or graphics. My husband has high-speed internet at his business (in town). I go in once a week and catch up on the things which won't load at home.
    I requested "Lilly and her Chicks" pattern and am looking forward to stitching it. I'd like to have real chickens, but can't right now. Lilly will be as close as I can get!
    Thanks so much-

  2. I so enjoy w=visiting your blog. It's always so homey.

    ~Mrs. M

  3. I'm so glad you were able to find an internet provider. Amen to thank You Jesus! I say that quite often

    like I said and sometimes life has felt like going up hill, "ALL" the time. Any one out there relate? ..oh girl can I EVER!!!!! sigh...this has been the same for my family and I for the last 19 storm after another after another....God IS good though and well,,we just keep hanging on don't we? ((hugs))

  4. Good afternoon! I so love your blog. You have such a gift to writing and making a person just feel as though they were there with you! I remember blowing out the eggs too..being careful is important. lol

    xoxo Gert

  5. Well, Linda, I did it! I remarried my ex-husband yesterday! Guess I can't call him that anymore! =) I was able to use your prayer (adapted for this circumstance) and my mother said it was really beautiful. She asked if I wrote it myself and I told her about you. Thank you so much for being part of our day. If I can find an email address for you I can try to send you a photo. Or, I can try to blog about it myself someday soon and put pics up there. Thanks, again! Heather

  6. Silly me,,I forgot the most important thing I wanted to mention..I LOVE LOVE that valance..SIGH..just beautiful

  7. Love your valance.

    We had a family of cardinals in Ohio. Also a family of Blue Jays. I love to watch the birds. Here in south Texas, I am excited to watch the sea birds.

    Have a blessed day.

  8. Dear Linda ~

    You have been one busy girl. That fabric is so wonderful that it is above your cheerful and fresh looking. I love all the sounds of spring too...aren't they a blessing? I am especially enjoying spring this year...and noticing all the "little" things about it.

    Enjoy your day my friend!

  9. Cathy how sweet of you to write. Welcome to Prairie Flower. You are so welcome for Lily. I really like to make that stitchery up!

    Mrs. M. I enjoy your blog, thank you soooooo for coming by!

    Angela, yes I agree whole heartedly with you that God is good. I think we learn so much about His faithfulness!!!!!! Glad you like my little valance. It looks so pretty!

    Gert, you made my heart smile!!!!! I giggled real hard when I read your comment!

    Heather, oh my!!! Praise God for His mercies!!!!!! I am so thankful that you are starting over again. It is truly never to late for the Lord to redeem His work in our lives. Precious!!

    Amy, thank you for the sweet words! Love sea birds. I lived in Alaska my growing up years and the sea gulls were so beautiful and loved their sounds. Love the ocean and mountains. Miss them alot!!!!!

    Camille, thank you! I was just outside lifting the covers from my lettuce. Oh, my they are the cutest little things. The sun is shining and they are all protected in the Potter's Shed.

    You all have a nice day and thank you for stopping by!!! I love you all very very much!!!

    Blessings, Linda

  10. I love your new kitchen window covering...very pretty! I too, am loving the spring sounds that I am hearing from outdoors...the birds, the gentle sound of our windchimes on our front porch and even our little garden windmill...gently whirring around with the breeze. I love the picture of the old wringer washer! Ours is used for display in the quilt shop in our little town. I do have double washtubs on our patio that I want to plant in this spring. Thank you so much for "Lilly and her Chicks Tea Towel E-pattern", so cute! Springtime blessings to you!

  11. Rejuvinate your patio with trash to treasure, huh? I surely need to go to that one with you!! I have the wringer washer on my porch and one in the garage and he is threatening me to take them both to the dump!! One I can use but the other was planned for flowers this summer and he just laughs at me!

    I love the curtain. I have almost that exact fabric but I really love the red trim you used .....yet another good idea coming from you!!!!

    Aahhhhh!! Spring is beautiful in sights and sounds!!!


  12. LOVE your kitchen valance! Roses and polka dots!!!!!!!! xox

  13. Your valance is so pretty! It does help cheer us when we freshen up our homes. We are having our bathrooms painted this week - that makes me happy!
    I guess you got a good facial with your egg blowing :) Some people pay good money for that!
    Lord bless you.

  14. I just saw somewhere in blog land an idea for blowing the eggs. Use one of those blue baby nose things to blow air into the egg. Supposedly works like a charm. Take care,

  15. Could I come stay at your house for awhile. Your blog always seems to brighten my day! You are so creative and have wonderful ideas and insights. Your Christian relationship amazes me! I pray to have that full connection like you do. Baby steps! Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Hi Linda, I love your valance, so fresh and cheerful. I helped my husband hang the valances I have had in the last two homes, they are classic Waverly that I paid a lot for a few years ago and was thinking that I should do something different in this house, but you know I LIKE these valances. They go with our furniture and accents..And when we were done, it looked sooo much better in here, the white walls did not seem quite as white and it just screamed HOME to me:). Wish there was a way I could share my pretty valances with you..

  17. Teri that is a neat idea using wash tubs! I used old wooden boxes that were different sizes last year. I love planting things in neat containers. You are so welcome for the Lily and her chicks! You will have fun stitchin her!

    Hey Becky, you have two???? Share girlfriend and deliver it! Heehee, what would both our husbands do if we ever got together. You would have me giggling allllll the time. I know, I read your blog!
    Today I hung clothes on the clothes line and I kept looking up at the blue sky. Oh my, I loved it. I need spring real bad, along with everyone else in America!!!!

    Hi Maryjane, how nice of you to come over. I thought of you when I was stitching my valance up. Your blog looks like that huh?

    Mom of 3, you made me chuckle when you said that I got a good facial. You are soooo funny! Thank you for giving me some laughter today!

    Patricia, that sounds like a neat way to do it! I will see what I can find. I think I was holding the egg a little tight!

    Erin, please.......... come on over!!!!! I just have to stay very close to the Lord. He is totally my life and I can't imagine my life without Him. I will pray for you! One time I was really having problems reading the Word and I just sat there and cried out to Him to help me, love it. He did it for me, honest! You have such a precious heart and you have encouraged me with your sweet words.

    Hi Barb, sounds like you have beautiful valances. Can't you take a picture and send it to me on my email address? It is at the top right corner of my blog.

    Thank every one of you for commenting. You are so sweet to take the time!!! Have to get back to painting!!!! I really like the artwork so far, really coming together. Keep praying for me please! Thank you

    Hugs, Linda

  18. Hi Linda,
    What a fun post, you have been busy. Your Valance is beautiful, Waverly doesn't have a thing on you. You are truly gifted. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Pretty valance Linda. Sounds like your little farm is keeping you quite busy... fun! Glad you keeping busy, staying positive and rejoicing in Jesus' love. Yes, sometimes life does feel pretty much uphill, sure makes us appreciate the easier days doesn't it. I would love to see a picture of those blue eggs even if they aren't blown out. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your class.

  20. The valance is so pretty! It looks like it belongs in a farmhouse. It has a nice vintage look to it.

    We are struggling with our internet provider. We pay a monthly fee for internet that works less than half the month. So I know about frustration!!

    Your egg in the face story is too funny! I'm sure the girls laughed out loud on that one!

    Have a blessed week!


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