Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Addition to Prairie Flower Farm......Her Name Is Rosebud!

Hello sweet ladies!

This afternoon I started working on my chores. We are going to go to KU this weekend for Late Night. A friend is watching the farm! Can't wait......but that means we have to have all the animals ready so we can go. I needed to buy some alfalfa from my friend Cheryl who has Crescent C Farm.  She is who I bought Willow from. She said since I was leaving why didn't I bring her over with the Momma's and the babies. She could be bred with one of her rams in the next few weeks. Sounded good to me!!!!! So my sweet man loaded Willow in the trailer and off we went. 

Cheryl said that if we let her out of the trailer that she would run to the Mom's and babies........run she did......talking all the way. She even kicked up her heels. It was sooooo funny! She was so happy. I am sure it was because she had some women folk to talk to now!! She even loved on some of the lambs. 

In the pen were some babies that hadn't gone out into the field..........I fell in love with HER. She started sucking on my fingers. Cheryl had been having to supplement her when she was a few days old..... she was sooooo friendly. I wanted her and Cheryl said......"take her and we will trade, if you have a boy in the spring!"

 She will be coming home to Prairie Flower Farm after she is weaned. She is brown.....with spots on her back and legs. She is the sweetest little girl. I also traded Cheryl for two ewes for Twig and Leaf. I couldn't have two boys, because they are not needed. It was hard for me to give them up......but if I am going to make money off of my girls, I need to be wise. It is hard for me sometimes.....to make the hard decisions. I get so attached.  

One more evening and half day for the party. I will let you all know who wins tomorrow night after I get home from the college. I can't wait.......I was starting to fix up the soap and then I had to go take Willow to Crescent C Farm. I am working on them now to get them ready!!!!!!! You still have until noon Wednesday the 10th to leave a comment 


I have been enjoying all your laundry memories! Precious!

Hugs to you all from the farm.......it is growing. 

Asking the Lord to bless you all!!!!!



  1. Love the spots! She's beautiful.

  2. What fun for you. As to the boys, remember...boys have cooties. haha (Just to make "ewe" smile.)

  3. Oh Linda, he is soooo cute, I can see why you are in love with her!


  4. Oh, My goodness! Your little Rosebud is adorable!
    Carolynn xoxo

  5. Oh, I cried as I read that Twig and Willow were leaving. I would not be very good at that, I'm afraid. Rosebud is beautiful! congratulations at having her.


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