Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baking and Sewing Day

Our daughter is working really hard today to get up pictures for the store. Here is what I have been stitching up the last few evenings. They will be available at my store. I willllll let you know as soon as it happens. I know I have been saying that, but it is really going to happen soon. These are little kleenex holders.
Today I will be making up the Lemon Verbena Bread. The leaves look like this. It smells so good in my little kitchen. I bought a vintage apron over at Bluebell Country her blog is called Simply Fine Linen. You will love her blog. It is so fun to the eye and heart! I love my new apron and I am going to wear it while I cook. I will feel like a princess of the King of course. smile....
I woke up this morning to thunder and lightning. It was wonderful!!! We have needed rain real bad in our area. The rain has been going around us for some reason. I kept praying though. The lemon verbena is going to take off.

Fabric is off and I am happy. Now I am on to other fun things. Hope you are doing well out there. Just know I am tucking you all in my heart and praying for you!!!



  1. Linda,
    Thank you so much for your kind words here, and over at my blog. They truly touched my heart and blessed me today. How did you know I needed a little sunshine today...heehee! I so look forward to continuing to read your blog and getting to know you as well. Your bread sounds just to wonderful!
    Blessing to you, Fine Linen

  2. I love the kleenex holders - too cute! -tammy

  3. Hello Linda!

    The Kleenex Holders are adorable! I love them :) Hmmm, Lemon Verbena Bread,. Sounds like a great day!


  4. Thank you for the sweet words. We are cooking up Raspberry Scones this morning. I love the smell. I have Sage Whole Wheat Bread in the bread machine. It is really a tasty bread. Everyone have a special day!

  5. Your kleenex holders are adorable!

  6. Hi Linda, I have lunch in the oven right now, I am making the tomato with basil and mozzerella you showed me last night. I also pre-baked slices of the eggplant to put on them too. I put a couple lemon verbena leaves on some of them before the cheese too.
    Thanks so much for the eggplant, basil, and lemon verbena, also the pattypan that I will save for another meal.
    Please add Nancy's family to your prayers today, her husband was in a semi-truck wreck in Oklahoma today, and she doesn't know if he is hurt or not, and this will put them in more finacial struggles as they work to pay off the New York trip for her to go be with her Mom as she passed. Love you, Barb


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