Friday, August 28, 2009


The winner hands down had to be Madrekarin!

You won this WINTER SNOW Pillow!

She said “EYE PATCHES FOR SANTA’S ELVES”. Now I am not a Santa person, I’m a Jesus person at Christmas, but this had to be the most unique answer. All of you were just fantastic though! I loved every entry. You made this simple game so delightful and gave a whole lot of smiles to our family and for that thank you so much.

I am posting some of the ideas and what I did with them throughout the post. Enjoy!

I Don’T think I have had so much fun in sitting down to my computer and reading all the adorable ideas! It had my head spinning and was just to much fun for one lady, a precious husband and two cutie daughters to read. Every time another idea came in, the farm was a buzzing.......... We loved it. Right next to me

on my sewing table I have my two baby chicks that are in a birdcage. Yup, you heard me a birdcage. The momma guninnea is in the brooder house with her babies, so the baby chicks are with me. It has been really funny to watch them when a little fly gets in their cage. You talk about loud. They were my little helpers as I stitched away!


Anyway, I didn’t have the time to do what I wanted to do with the little snowman head, but that will come in the weeks ahead. You all win in my book!!!!!! I wish I truly could send everyone a gift. Wish this farm girl was rich! Well I guess I should say I am since I am a

“princess of the KING!”


Okay now with all the ideas (every one was incredible!) , Jar toppers, lollipops, key ring, ornament (yep!), tea towel (didn't get to finish it), advent calendar,

garland, candy cane cozy, door knob cover (doing one), ear muffs, coasters, penny rug heads all the wayaround the edge (that is a pattern for sure), yoyo quilt, (cute cute)


Christmas skirt, scarf or table runner, garland, pin, candle mat (a must), embellished hand towel, barrettes, snowman head sewn on mittens, lapel pin (not enough time, doing), center of a snowflake, jelly jar toppers, and a winter wreath.

I so badly wanted to spend hours sewing, but not enough hours in my day. I will be adding to my store in the weeks to come. I love winter thyme and fall thyme!!!!!!!!! Since we are doing a Christmas show I have to be in two seasons AT ONE TIME!

Blessings to all you ladies. You are one of my bright stars in my life. Some have even written prayers for myself and family. You can’t imagine how that touches this heart! You are alllll totally precious in my journal of life!!!!


A friend loves at all times. Proverbs17:17

Blessings, Linda


  1. Madrekaren sure deserves the prize. I thought her answer was hilarious!

  2. I just love your snowmen and the pillow looks so nice. I really have to learn how to do punch needle!!!! Thanks for the inspirations

  3. All of your designs are sooooo cute! I just love the snowflace ornament. Congratulations Madrekarin...I agree your answer was definitely the funniest!

  4. HOW CUTE IS THAT PILLOW!!!! I LOVE IT! Your'e so talented, I loved your fun guessing game and congrats to Madrekaren, lucky ducky!

  5. All of your designs are cute. The pillow and mitten are my favorites. I agree, madrekaren had the best answer and I'm not a santa person either.

    Proverbs 31:28 NIV
    "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also" Proverbs 31:28a

  6. What cute ideas! I love the pillow and that garland is precious!! Great ideas indeed!

  7. Hello Linda!
    I found you through Katy over at The Country Blossom.I was looking through all your wonderful goodies in your store and everything is so adrorable!!! I plan on adding your store button on the side bar of my blog!! Nice "meeting" you!

  8. Linda, I wanted to let you know that I got my package from your drawing you had and I just love the little tissue holder! It is absolutely adorable! I tucked it in my purse and sure enough the next day I was out and needed a tissue and I thought "Hey, I have some"!! Thank you very much!! All of your crafts are just wonderful!

  9. O love the little tissue holder!! I'm keeping it in the glovebox of my car. The problem is, that now my grandkids have mysteriously been coming up with these runny noses just so they can pull out a tissue of the cute holder! :0}
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  10. Congratulations to Madrekaren! Sorry I am late in congratulating.


    I love your ideas! Everything is just too cute!!! I especially love the garland and the flag ornaments.

    Have a blessed day my friend!



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