Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cottonwood Falls A Favorite Place!

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas is a wonderful place to visit and for those that live there, I am sure they love it. We were greeted with lots of hello's. Every Friday evening except for certain holidays, The Emma Chase Cafe hosts jam sessions of local and out-of -town musicians. It sounds like a fun place to be on a Friday night!
This is Sue Smith. She is more fun!! She wears many hats in Cottonwood Falls, but one thing for sure she loves people and serves her town. She has a gift store and a cafe. Yes, I bought this metal sunflower. I will take a picture of it when I put it in my flower garden. She also started a coop of other crafters called. Prairie Past Time opened May 1 - it is an antique and crafters' coop. I had fun. I met Kathy who was working that day at Prairie Past Time. What a sweetie. Cowgirl all the way, she does make some beautiful jewelry and even wears it and looks adorable!!!!
Here is Sue's Cafe.
We have stayed at this motel two different times for our anniversary. Each room is fixed so sweet. The owners Sharon and Richard are so pleasant!! The name is of the motel is Millstream Motel. Fishing and camping in the back. A deck in the back is so nice to sit out on and enjoy the birds singing and the Cottonwood River. It is truly a wonderful place to stay.
There is a dam just a little ways from the motel that you can enjoy.
This is the Cottonwood Fall Court house. It is magnificent. They have restored it and have done a fantastic job!
This is the spiral staircase inside the Courthouse. It was so beautiful. I think I would like to have a place like that to come down if I ever got to have a renewal wedding. I would truly feel like a queen.

Now this would make a beautiful bouquet. There is enough for each of you to have at least one. This is a home that a family built in Cottonwood Falls, that is my favorite place to come and see every time I come. I want to make our farm look like this and one day it will happen. I will start this fall. I just love it. My house will not be able to be stone, but I will have a fence like this.

Enter and leave with a happy heart. Yes!!!

This is exactly what I will be doing with my farm. Is this the cutest.

What a warm welcome this family has every time they walk into their place.

I love collecting these kind of tin buckets to put flowers in. This is just too sweet!

I have two of these planters. They are blue, they will soon be black. Is this just
not the cutest?

One for Pa and one for Ma that is when we get old-errrrr!

The zinnias are so beautiful each year. I want to do this
on my farm!

I would love to see pictures of your home or farm if you want to email me. If it is already up on your blog please let me see. I love how people decorate! Thank you also for all the encouragement that you all posted for our anniversary. We really had a special one this year!!!



  1. Linda...go after your dreams! If you can see it in your mind, you will see through your eyes in time! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks so peaceful there!

  3. Dear Linda,

    That is so beautiful! I can't wait to see more projects that you do on your farm :) The Zinnias are gorgeous!

    Have a blessed day my friend!


  4. I thought that metal sunflower you bought was made out of fudge at first! I'm not sure which would be better! HA! NO, the metal would be better because you'll have it longer. :o)

  5. Looks like you had a great time Linda! Love all your pictures!


  6. Linda, I want to visit this place too! It looks wonderful. I love that stone farmhouse *sigh*. I hope you will show pictures of your farmhouse as you transform it. Twyla

  7. I just loved these photos :0)I get some great decorating ideas from blogs too.

  8. What a beautiful post! And, I loved all the gorgeous pictures! Your blog is so pleasant!
    Smiles, Cass (from Sugarpie Farmhouse)

  9. Oh, I love this place too! The fence is just the cutest. We have a big ol' full-size wagon load of zinnias and marigolds in our front yard near the road. They are both very easy-care flowers! And they do produce some great color for cut flowers too. -Tammy


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