Saturday, August 1, 2009



Two Daddies, one Momma and five babies
You have to look real close. On the right hand side on the ground are the 5 little guineas. They were so cute with their momma and daddies, We have farm cats and I was afraid that they would kill them. I will catch the momma tonight and put her with her babies.

The girls and I were running all around trying to catch the babies. They got in the tall grass and made it easy for us to catch them. They are sooo tiny. I can't believe how loud one of the little guineas is . Must be a little boy. smile!

They are living in a little bird cage right now. I will try and can get their momma caught tonight. She is out calling all over for them. She will probably come in to the coop tonight. I feel bad I have her babies. She is still looking for them. At least I saved them from our cats.

Now to finish the story. I ran out of time this last weekend to tell the end. Anyway here goes.
We tried to catch the momma, she was to fast.......... no success! Thought we would see at night if she would be in the chicken coop. She was not. We would have to wait till morning. Finally on Sunday morning I decided to take the little cage outside to see if she would come to her babies. I took it down stairs in the brooder house (it used to be an old storage place for the milk when Grandpa Jack had a dairy). It is my little chick place for the babies to grow up in before I put them with my flock. She came a running down the steps and got by her babies in the cage. I opened the door and they all hopped out by their momma. I love it that she can raise them instead of me. They peeped all day wanting their momma who never came the night before. It made me sad. Momma is happy with her little ones all tucked safe under her. I will take more pictures of the babies when I have time.

The dad is protecting the building. Toooo cute to watch how the dads take care of Mom and babies. The males can hear her in the brooder house. She talks so sweet to her babies. A real soft clucking sound. I love motherhood, no matter what it is. I would still be having children, if the Lord would let me. I will probably say that till the day I die. For all those momma's out there enjoy every minute. The hard and the good times. It is here and gone before you know it.

Well I need to get back to painting. The fabric is almost done, will be out today! Can't wait. I love to paint, but this stress is not fun!!!! It happens every year two different times. Smile. Hope your weekend was a blessing!



  1. Good morning Linda!

    How sweet is that? I love little chicks and get excited whenever I see new life :) What a blessing :) We are hoping to get some chickens next year, first we need to prepare a place for them :) Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face this morning :)

    Have a blessed day!


  2. Oh I just checked out your slide show. I love the photos! The bed looks great :) I happen to have that same enamel pan and was wondering what I should do with it. Now I know, make a hanger for it and place it in my garden :) Thanks for the inspiration :)


  3. Yay, I love happy endings! My sister just ended a month-long ordeal with her neighbor's guineas. The guineas decided they wanted to roost in her trees, which was fine with her but she was afraid her dogs would capture the guineas. After borrowing our long fishing dip net, and trying several other tactics, she finally got them in a cage and shut the door quickly... and returned them to the neighbor. So I can see how that was quite a challenge! Love the pictures, and daddy looks so cute in his guard position :) -tammy

  4. Linda, Thanks so much for sharing those adorable photos! I just wanted to reach out and touch those soft little babies. I love the dad on top of the building keeping watch. I love what you said: "For all those momma's out there enjoy every minute. The hard and the good times. It is here and gone before you know it." Such good advice. I try to be present for each day. Time with my "little" babies is already slipping through my fingers.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I agree Motherhood is tops!Your babies are sooo sweet!

  6. I just went down to check on the babies. They came running up by the door to greet me. Momma just made her sweet cooing sound. They are so tiny. You just can't believe how tiny. I gave them some water. They drink and then stand up real tall. They almost fall backwards. I sat there and just thought how precious of the Lord to give me so much joy in little life.
    I am finally done with the fabric lines. I am so tired. We all are alittle on the grumpy side. Pressure is not fun. Now I can sew for market. Love you all!!! I really feel like I am getting a big family! smile

  7. Sharon, thanks for the comment on the bed. We had soooo much fun making it. I sleep with Christmas lights around the top. Not on mind you all the time. My grand daughter kicks her poppa out and we read, talk and pray when she stays with us. I cherish every minute. She is 11 and a sweet pea. You are more then welcome for the smile!
    Tammy, love your story. You guess were smart to use the dip net. Wish we would of had one.
    Linda, I love babies. Well every age. Our youngest grandson is 2. He is just starting to talk. He loves coming to the farm and staying with us. I love it too. It is fun to watch him grow. I live by all 9 of my grandchildren. Can't image not getting too.
    Carol, I agreeeeeeeee!!!!! I just took some new pictures. Real close I will put them up. They are so friendly.
    Thank you everyone for commenting!

  8. I love your baby guineas! I have guineas that are around 8 weeks old. I finally let them out this week. One of them got killed by the neighbors dog within thirty minutes of letting them out. We have been so stressed all week worrying about them. I sure hope we can keep them all alive and eventually have cute little babies like yours!!!

  9. Hello Linda! I just discovered your blog and love it. I just started my blog and I have posted that you have the clothespin bag giveaway! I have also added you to my blog list on my sidebar. My blog is
    I'm going to also tell my sister to visit your blog.

  10. Hi Linda. Those baby guineas are just precious. I still have my 36 eggs in the incubator from my 2 hens. I wish I could have left them but I knew something would get the eggs and the hens two if I didn't try to move them. I was worried that having moved the nest and the mommas not going back on would have chilled the eggs before I got them in the incubator but I have candled them and still see movement. They are so much smaller than baby chicks, I would have been worried about something getting them too. I'm glad you got them in so Momma hen can take care of them.


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