Monday, August 31, 2009


Tressa brought flowers again to me tonight. I will never get tired of her doing that for me. It is a memory that I will tuck in my heart FOREVER! We all pick flowers in our house for each other. Our sons pick bouquet for their wives. I love it.
Our oldest granddaughter asked me if we could go out into the watermelon patch and pick one so they could eat it. It was such a beautiful evening, so I got a real big baking pan and we cut the watermelon open right there. I got spoons and they all sat around it and started digging in. What a fun memory for them, Poppa and Grammie. They laughed and we all just sat and talked. Tucking memories in their hearts and ours. One day I will have pictures to remind them of the night. Maybe they will read my blog and know how much they were loved on a beautiful cool fall evening on the farm. I am grateful for the children the Lord has put in my life to love for Him.
This is what the watermelon looked like. They kept coming back and ate and ate and ate!
Blessings to you all as you make memories for your children and grandchildren!


  1. Great memories are made from the simple things like watermelon and wildflowers! :0)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm sure they will always remember it. I have some good memories that involve watermelon as a child too! Thanks so much for the tissue holder! It's so adorable and I enjoy carrying it in my purse. Thanks again I love it!

  3. Linda, this is such a great post! We love watermelon and it's always better warm fresh from the patch. My kids like it up to their elbows in juice!!!! Yes great memories!!

    Thanks for the grape juice comment. It is truely the easiest ever. Enjoy!!


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