Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Neatest Rug!

Hope your summer is going well. I have pumpkins in the pumpkin patch that I have been picking and lots more to come!

I did not do this rug, but I am going to. Isn't this the cutest thing? It will be added to my winter to do list. It is going to be a fun winter I can tell. I thought you would like. I think it would be so squishy for your feet. I bet you can't tell what color mine will be. Heehee.
I asked Sheri at Prime Rose Hill if I could post this rug. The pattern is on her blog. Go see and tell her I sent you. She is a sweetie! She said yes and so I did. Tell me what you think and what kind of rug is by your bed. Hope you like and if you do tell her so. She has a really darling blog. It is a must to see. She also has recipes for you to try out. Enjoy!

It must be a green day! Here is a favorite at our house and sooooooo simple. Cut your cucumbers really nice and thin. Make up some real Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and pour on to the cucumbers . This is so lite and wonderful to add to your summer meal. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for the rug idea! I shared the link with my mom (maybe she will eventually make it for me.. hehe!). Very cute! I'll also post my gratitude on Prim Rose's blog. I'm going to have to buy some cucumbers at the Farmer's Market this week. The rest of my garden is a dud! Cukes & hidden valley are the best! have a great week! -Tammy

  2. That rug is cute. Would be a wonderful winter project.
    Oh and the cucumbers, man have we been eating cucumbers. We've made pickles, used them in salads, and just eaten them with ranch.
    But we're very thankful for them, cause this is our best year ever with growing them. I'm glad your pumpkins are coming in. We have quite a bit ourselves growing. Isn't so exciting to go out and find them.
    Well enough of my ramblings. Thanks for stopping by today over at my blog and saying hello.
    Hope you all have a very blessed school year this year.
    Blessings dear friend, Fine Linen

  3. That rug is beautiful! Cucumber w/ranch... yum!

  4. Really cute rug, any chance for a pattern? Thanks for reminding me of cucs and ranch, I'll make some today!

  5. Thanks so much for the link to the pattern, it looks like so much fun. When you say small yarn, would that be sport weight? I just learned to crochet about 6 months ago so I will save this for winter also.

  6. gorgeous linda! thanks for sharing sweetie! herbal hugs :)

  7. That is a sweet rug! I wish I could crochet :)

    Have a wonderful day :)



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