Monday, August 3, 2009

You just have to see

Are these the sweetest little babies? Quit a few times today I just had to stop painting and go down to the little shed and peek in. One of the times they came running up to me. I couldn't believe it. Course I was their mom for at least 24 hours. (smile)

I hope you can see these sweet peas. They run around so fast! I guess they do have to keep up with their momma. Well, I think this will be the last of the pictures of the guineas. They really are so sweet.

We are done with the fabric!!!!!!!! So nice to have it behind us. I really like how they turned out. Pray that they will sell please. Thank you! Now on to sewing some little things for Farmer's Market!!!! That will be fun to do.



  1. What adorable lil babies!!! I would be down there all day peeking in too, lol, what fun!

  2. I can already tell that they have grown! Cute little boogers! Now I gotta get off this computer and go can some more green beans. I hope you have a wonderful day sneaking to take peeks at your babies!

  3. I honestly don't know a thing about Guineas, but baby anything is CUTE! We're awaiting yet another hatch from our turkey hens, three more nests. We also have two brooding hens, but we've decided enough is enough and won't let them have any eggs to set on.

    Bet the fabric is beautiful, the sampling of what you shoed on here are wonderful! I don't sew much, just simple crafts and piecing quilt work, but they are very nice and eye appealing.

    Have a blessed week.

  4. awwww so cute! hey linda, i find that pink type a bit hard to read. just so you know in case others do too :) big hugs and don't mean to be a complainer ;)

  5. Precious stories about the mama and her chicks. The other day one of the neighbors chickens got over or through the fence and one morning I woke up and had a chicken! YEAH!! Did God hear my prayers? I ended up feeling guilty and walked next door (in my pj's) and told them I had one of their chickens and I couldn't catch it. I had walked down to the barn and got some grain from the horses. I then spread grain all around by the back patio cuzz I dropped some everytime she would get close to me. My thought was to just grab her feet, lessons learned young in life, but I must have been more nimble then because it sure didn't work this time!!! I had grain spread out all over everywhere! I was a wee bit embarassed when he came over and saw all of the grain.Sigh.
    These were his wife's chickens and she was out of town. I think he would have been happy for me to keep it, but then I guess "he" ended up feeling guilty and then he came over to get his wife's beloved pet! But apparently, he has done this before because he brought over a net (like a big butterfly net) scooped her up and went on their way. Darn. I thought Emily had a new friend. Shanny

  6. Oh, what sweet babies! They are so cute when they are little! I hope to be able to get more guineas soon.


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