Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay, this is just too funny!

Check this out. The little milk barn (that I use for a brooder house) for the baby guineas is set down in the ground. It was used for keeping milk cool and we think to store their produce. My husbands family has lived on this farm for over 100 years. Not my husband............. heheheh! Anyway there are steps that go down into the little barn. I am sitting just watching and taking pictures of momma and baby and Daddy Guinea looks down at me. He goes on top of the barn all the time now and calls his honey. I am sure he is wanting to get into the barn. I was afraid he might hop on my head. That would not be good!!!!!!! Anyway he was squawking away at me. It was so funny. I just had to let you see.
This is a chrysalis. It is so interesting. We have had them before and have been able to watch them come out. I think it is so incredible of the Lord to give us all so much to delight our lives with.
I thought if I picked a zinnia he would like that. Not. He wanted the dill.

You are going to think I am Miss Nature Lady. I do love the outdoors and it seems that the summer and fall always have so much available to see outside. My very dear friends Rosa and Marian had a lot of dill and their was a huge green caterpillar with black and yellow strips on it. (I forgot to take a picture) I just thought you would like to see this huge Swallow Tail. I am letting him go after the grandchildren can see. It is amazing to me that this tiny 1/4" caterpillar becomes this. The Lord is soooooooo amazing. I love Him! A lot!

Oh, one more thing. I was outside picking cucumbers and a little owl was in a tree by my garden. I couldn't find it. It was neat to hear it talking or whooing-whooing. I don't know if that is a word, but it works for me.

I am off to get the fabric sent off. We had complications yesterday with printing the art. Made me so sad. Anyway today is the day. Can't wait to see if Wal Mart buys it. Keep praying please..........



  1. Love the butterfly pictures ~ what a wonderful gift for your day!

    Daddy Guinea is such a hoot! :) -Tammy

  2. Guineas have such entertaining antics!We only have one but it keeps us laughing.The piics are great and good luck with Wal-Mart!

  3. Wow, that is so cool that you've actually seen a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis! Amazing! That butterfly is so awesome. God IS so good!
    GOOD LUCK TODAY!! Can't wait to hear how it turns out with Walmart.

  4. The butterfly is just beautiful! God does create the most amazing things, doesn't He!

    I will be praying all goes well with WalMart!

  5. oh it such fun to watch all the beautiful life at your farm:) thanks for sharing linda! great pictures. good luck at walmart! big herbal hugs :)

  6. OMG I just love it!!! Your guineas are great. I have 5 that will be turned out in the next few days, as soon as I get the courage to do so. My dttr Leslie (getting thrifty) has had such an ordeal with hers and I am afraid to turn mine out and lose any!!!!

    My father turned his out, they were all raised in my incubator- same age, and his won't go back up. They roost on top of his barn or in the barn rafters ;-)

    I know they are not the best mothers out in the field so I am glad you caught yours. I just love the way the daddy protects the nest too!!!!


  7. How lucky to find one! The butterfly is beautiful!

  8. Linda - I am so blessed to have found your blog and I look forward to seeing it every day. This picture with the butterfly and the flower is so pretty I was wondering if I could post it on my blog and I will say it was from you and send them over to check yours out. I live in Amarillo, TX and KS is just above us. Is it anywhere close to you.


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