Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Olivia and Her NEW Babies!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies, 

when I got home I took care of all the Girlies, chicks and baby ducks.....then I was off to take care of Willow, Branch and lil' Branch, Olivia and Sweet Magnolia. When I got to the gate I noticed that Olivia and Sweet Magnolia had a baby lamb in their pen. I kind of freaked, because we keep Willow and her babies in the shed when we are gone at the college. I thought Branch or lil' Bud had gotten out somehow. Really no way could Branch and lil' Bud have gotten though the gate. I finally calmed down and ran over to Olivia! Guess what I found?

 Two new babies.......they were Her own babies! 

They were so tiny. Buy the time I saw them they were all dry.  I think she had them a few hours prior of me getting home. 

Such precious little ones!

I was trying to see if they were girls or boys..........YAHOO! We had at least one I could see! Meet little Rosebud. So excited to have a girl......now to see what the other one was........

the one on the right........yup a girl!!!!!! I was so happy. Now I have 5 girls in my flock. 

We decided to put them out in the third pen where we have some grass. 

Willow smelled Olivia's little one.......she wasn't nice and kind of flipped the baby. That was it......it wasn't going to work. My sweet man and I separated them again. 

I couldn't take a chance on one of the babies being hurt. We put Olivia and babies in the pen with the shed. They are doing great! I will sleep better knowing they are safe. Wow, what happens to your heart when you have animals that depend on you! I am lovin' it! God has been so good to me. I am grateful that He is letting me experience the little lambs......and so soon after their births. He has given me gifts......I know that for sure!

After I got Olivia all settled, I took my camera out to take a few pic's of Branch and "lil' Bud being silly. I could have not planned this more perfect for you to see Branch playing......now I know why his name is Branch!

Branch picked up a little broken branch in his mouth.

He was so cute.....he kept rolling the branch with his tongue. 
Lil' Bud was looking at him so funny.

Branch was being so silly. I was so excited
I captured him doing this for you! 

Hope you enjoyed the pic's............it was a very very sweet day and evening! I love love my new babies!!!!!  

I need one more name for the other little girl, if you 
would like to leave one in the comments.

God bless you,



  1. Branch is so cute carrying around the little branch, and you are right, God is good to give you all these babies to care for. Your photos of the lambs are great.

  2. HI sweet friend!
    I know NOTHING about sheep/ewes/lambs so you are my course 101 to learn! :) I love it! They are so adorable! You are such a good momma/grandmomma!
    Thanks for sharing God's creations!
    OH! I have a new grandson! I will post soon! He is so precious! I'm just out of my mind excited!

  3. Congratulations on adding two new little girls to your flock. They're just so sweet! I also loved the photos of Branch playing. I must say that I'm so happy to enjoy your flock through your pictures. I just know my corgi Tag would love being around them. He loves everyone...people or pets.

  4. I so enjoy watching your furry/woolly 4-legged and feathery 2-legged family expanding and just love the sweet photos you keep sharing with us. You might have to add to your acreage if your extended family gets much bigger :D

  5. Such cute baby lambies!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. How fitting to have a sweet Lamb photo on Holy Week, Linda. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. Loved the photos. :-)

  7. Congratulations again!!!! How wonderful!!!! How about "Fleur" or "Lily" to go along with her sister Rosebud?

    Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Beautiful pictures of all your babies. I like the name Peony or Petunia for the other baby girl. Blessings to you and your family during this Holy Week. Have a wonderful Easter.

  9. WOW!!! Another set of twins!! You get 4 for the price of 2. What a bargain and cute ones at that. They are so adorable. Now what is a good name??? Maybe Lily would go with Rosebud. I am sure you will come up with a good name.


  10. They are so cute !!!! Thanks for your pictures !!! God bless your animals and you !!

  11. They are so adorable. I think Rosebud's sister should also have a flower name too. The name Petunia just seems to fit. Robin Coxon

  12. Those babies are so beautiful, thus I think Bella is a wonderful name for for baby Rosebud's sissy.....

  13. How exciting! My cat Rukia (Roo Key Ah) is having her babies right now! She has four so far.

    I'll have to leave for church soon. I don't think she's done, so it will be a surprise when we get home.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  14. Beautiful, adorable lambs!! I suggest "Buttercup" or Daisy" for names. I thought of "Hyacinth" too..since technically it is Spring..God Bless! Nancy Narma

  15. I'm sure all the little ones will enjoy playing together soon.. so sweet.


  16. Cute cute cute! I like the name Blossom! Congrats on the babies, Mama!

  17. I was also thinking Lilly since she was born the week of Easter. Noticed a few others also had the same idea. :) Lorinda

  18. Keeping with the botanical theme, Rosebud's sister should be named Daisy. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Hugs-Tina

  19. what a wonderful Easter week you are having!! loved the pics!
    Happy Easter!!
    ^)^ linda

  20. They're so cute! What a great surprise (as long as all went as nature intended)!


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