Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have I Got a Wonderful Cupcake for YOU!

How is life for you sweet ladies? Around here at Prairie Flower Farm I am enjoying being outside in the "coolness weather" a few hours each day!!!!!!!!! I have to say it is wonderful. I love putzzzzzzing around the farm after I get home since it is not so hot outside. It has been so nice and I hope we never have to go back up to one of those 100 days again this year. Smile!

J knows I like pictures of older ladies. He took this for me. She sits on a bench at the same time every day. Not sure why. Isn't she so precious. Wish I could meet her for real. 

Heard from J and T. The weather is about the same in Ukraine as here. The meeting was canceled that was to be for today. They said it is okay, but it has been changed to Friday. If you wouldn't mind praying for them that the process would not be hindered in any way.

Our front room is a little messy! Tressa is PACKING FOR THE UKRAINE. We can not believe that she is almost ready to leave. It all seems like the time has gone so fast. Tressa is so excited about going on her trip. She bought a few packages of  those silly bands to hand out to the kids as little gifts.  T will be having her birthday over there so I need to make that a little special for her while she is there!

At the bakery we made these wonderful...............cupcakes. They are called. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes click on name for recipe. They are the most nummy cupcakes we have ever had. 

They are not hard at all to make. We used frozen cookie dough for the center. Worked great and the kids absolutely loved them! There were a few kids that came and picked one up and then it traveled through the cafeteria about the news of new cupcakes. We had to keep the plates filled. Really good! 

Well sweeties, thank you to all who linked up today! I so appreciate you!

Welcome New have been noticed by me! 

Blessings to you..........praying for you all,



  1. I'll say a prayer for a good meeting on Friday. Looking forward to a good report!

    The cupcakes look sooo good! I know my grandkiddos will love these for sure...if I can keep them from eating the cookie dough before putting it in the cupcakes!

  2. Oh, those cupcakes look delicious! Lifting up the meeting on Friday. Blessings to you!


  3. Oh my! Do those cupcakes look fabulous! made sure I got the recipe. We will continue to pray for you guys on this journey!

  4. Dear Linda, Like I really needed the most wonderful cupcake recipe in the world!!!!! Actually I did. I was looking for something to make as a celebration of sorts. Today was Katie's oncology appointment and her numbers were the best ever! God is good to give this mama some encouragement! I wish I had the cookie dough already to go! We will make the cupcakes tomorrow. Blessings and thank you! We will pray for the meeting on Friday. Blessings from the Hilltop! Sheri

  5. Hello.........thank you ladies so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. This last week has been brutal at work, so to come home and find some sweetness was a true blessing!

    Hugs to ou all!

  6. Linda - So funny. That pic from Ukraine looks so familiar. It's on the way to the orphanage. I remember that lady sitting there everyday as we drove past on our way to see Sergei. When you talk to Tonya, tell her that she's in my thoughts and prayers.


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