Sunday, September 11, 2011

It All Makes A Difference Mommas!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning precious sweet ladies, 

First off thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday on my blog and on my Prairie Flower Farm fb. It was such a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!  Truly it was. My emotions were shot by night time!!!!!! I watched. Flight Aware all day and evening was wonderful! I didn't even know this existed until now. Ladies if you have children or anyone you love for that mater, flying this is so good to know of. 

We could watch the airplane as it was going from Chicago to the Ukraine. Amazing! 

Also Time and Date is a mainstay on my computer. I know what time it is and the weather over where the kids are in Ukraine. Wonderful little tool. 

Facebook has been good for our family during this time with Josh and Tonya being over in the Ukraine. Now with Tressa over there it will be wonderful. She loves taking pic's. All of us can keep up with what is going on and photo's shared in one place. 

Skyping has been so much fun to see my kids!!!!!!

Here is a little of my journal for what is going on with the adoption of V:

One of the biggest blessings in my life was getting to stay home with all of my children! I have so many memories tucked in my heart and this morning when I read an email from my Tressy she reminded me of one. She flew by herself across the ocean..........did that go well with my soul? Not!!!!!!!!!! It was very hard for me, but I am still learning that thing called trust. God helped me big time!!!! In one of the emails she had this picture. 

When my kids were little (as was done for me by my Momma), I would buy new bowls with decorations or artwork in the bottom. Then I would fill with whatever. Our children would have to eat everything that was in it to see what was at the bottom. Just one of those things handed down from one generation to another. Anyway she said the food wasn't good, but "there was a surprise under it". She said, "It made me think of you Mom". That made my heart smile! You never know the things you do that will stay in your child's life forever. I am counting the blessings ladies, this might seem like a small one..........but it is huge for me this morning. Asking the Father to bless my girl! 

Josh and Tressa
So so grateful that she is safe on the other side!!!!!!!!

She is in Kiev with her brother and sister in love............finally! I tell you, having her travel by herself was a huge thing for me. I knew no matter what that God loves her with an everlasting love. I had to just trust and when I felt like I was loosing it again, I ran and jumped in HIS lap! No kidding. Sometimes the thoughts would just ambush me. It was good to have my Heavenly Father was right by my side and also know that He was by her side also. 

Just thought I would give a little update as to how it is going. Thank you again for praying, I probably sound like a broken record, but I am so grateful to you all.

Hugs to your day and have a blessed SONday!



  1. So thankful she made it safe. Praying for you all, Linda. God bless ~

  2. Love the pic of the 2 of them :)
    So glad you are feeling such relief!


  3. Grateful to hear she made it safely!! I had never heard of Flight Aware. Sounds very neat! We have just started using Skype with our family out west, finally got off dial-up and got a web cam. What a blessing to see them as well as hear them!

    Will keep praying for all of you!

  4. So glad Tressa is safe with Josh and Tonya. And SO glad we have a Heavenly Father that we can lean on for all things.

    I'll be praying for you all.

  5. Happy with/for you, Linda. Tell me again why Tessa needed to go over??

  6. Oh Linda I can't imagine the stress you were under this weekend...but also know all the faith you have in God was a BIG (Guess I do know the stress, just never had my kids fly...that far..before...But there was lots of stress for me...but God did fly with them safely...)

    I love your story about the bowl!! Amazing!! smile...

    Blessings and prayers....
    xoxo Gert

  7. Thank you ladies for the sweetness today. The reason Tressy is over there is because Josh will have to come home and Tonya has to stay until everything is finalized. So Tress will stay for another 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you for your prayers. Tonight we were almost in a wreck. Hit a deer and started swerving. It was so scary. My sweet man drove it out. Thanking Jesus.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Linda, so grateful that Tressa made it to the Ukraine safely..will continue to pray for their safety and that things will be finalized soon and V will be HOME.


  9. *I am smiling!!!* So happy to know Tressa's trip is over and was a safe one.

    We just got internet service back, up and running.

    Thankful you guys were not injured after hitting the deer. Was there much damage to your vehicle?

    I'll talk to you later.

    Much love,

  10. Thinking of you all as you wait for that sweet boy to finally arrive HOME!!! Yes, God is good:))

  11. Wow! That is def. a different procedure than what our kids experienced getting their little one from Ethiopia! (They had to make 2 trips - but didn't stay as long as your children are staying....)

    Glad you didn't hit the deer...

    Saw your name in the Sterling cookbook when I went to make Aunt Pearl's banana bread. In fact, I think Phil had one in - oatmeal/banana maybe????

  12. So thankful that Tressa made it over safely AND that you and the mister weren't hurt in your accident last night. You stay safe and take care! :)

  13. Oh Linda I tire of you and your stories. You are one amazing lady. God has been good to draw me so close to you. Love Anne

  14. You are a great mom and raised your children to love the Lord with such a beautiful passion! I love the stories you share here. Anne


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