Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Catching Up A Little

Good Evening Sweet Ladies,

As you know my Tressy left last Saturday for the Ukraine and she is having soooooo much fun. I am so glad she can be with her brother and sister in love during this very precious time. Another big meeting will be this Thursday. I will keep you posted on the time and all, but they would appreciating prayer, please. Today  they went on a bus for 5 1/2 hours and then in a taxi for another 1 to their destination. The bus was very very hot. They would not allow you to pull down the windows.  From what I understand Josh and Tressa had a lady (they did not know) sitting between them. Close fellowship I would call that!

We have been able to skype with Tress everyday. I am sure you can only imagine how precious that is for this Momma! They have been able to go sight seeing. They went to the St. Sophia's Cathedral.  She has always loved architecture and has studied a lot of it during her leisure. She said it was beautiful. They were able to climb almost to the top. She took this picture from the window. Thought you would enjoy seeing it. 

We got rain last Saturday while we were gone to take Tress to the airport. We got 1/2" and we were so grateful! The flowers that I kept alive are growing beautifully and the tomatoes are taking off!

 Hope they don't freeze.

I was out with a grandchild in one of the fields checking out the soybeans. They have not done well, but we did find some that had some seeds growing. Hope we get a little something for all the work that was done. It has been so hard for farmers this year. If it wasn't drought it was hail. Hard times. We are thankful we have a job that we are making a living. So many are without. Things are changing in this world.......fast. We understand with all the crops that have not made it that we are going to be in a different time food wise. We eat at work and don't eat much in the evening. Our food bill is minimal and we can't imagine if we had to pay the prices out there. 

This picture makes me thankful. That anything is out there is amazing. God is so good! I see His provisions. It won't be as much as it would have been had it rained, but I still see His faithfulness. Thanking Him always! 

My rooster and his girls were let loose to run the farm. They got into my rhubarb that was just holding on. Naughty!

I haven't mentioned, but people say that when there is an adoption that you notice the battle a little more during that time. We can identify. On Sunday night we were almost in a very bad wreck. We were pulling out onto a main highway and my sweet man just set the cruise. We were going 65 and all of a sudden a deer jumped out.  She went back and forth. We ended up swerving and it really got bad with the car. We went into the left ditch. Thought it was going to tip on us or worse roll. My sweet man did a fantastic job driving and the car was not hurt at all. Just the emblem came off. We were so thankful. Praised God big time. I didn't breathe the whole time! Again this morning as my man was praying as we drove in for protection. TWO more deer were on the side and he stopped! Thank you to those who have been praying......we so appreciate it. I am praying for you also!

I am sorry, but I do not know how to do the "linky", so we will not be having Building Our Homes Together until Tressa gets back. I AM SO SORRY! Please hang in there with me. I just knew I couldn't do it right and would mess up. 

Let me know how you are all doing if you like! Thank you so for all your comments and emails. You are such a blessing!

Hugs from my farm,



  1. Thanks for catching us all up with you and yours, Linda. I'll miss Building our Homes Together, but totally understand the need to wait until Tressa (such a pretty name for such a pretty girl!) returns. Will be praying for that important meeting on Thursday!

  2. Linda, I am so glad that you all didn't get hurt when driving. God is so good.
    Love hearing about your family and what you are doing.
    My granddaughter hit a home run and a double in her very first softball game last night. We were so excited. We weren't at the game ( 5 hrs. away) but they called us. She is 7 yrs. old.
    Glad your daughter is having fun on her trip. I always look forward to hearing and will keep praying.
    Love and best wishes sent your way ~

  3. Hello Sweet Linda!

    Isn't it wonderful, all Tressa is getting to do and see! Such an awesome experience, she will remember always!

    Praying about the next meeting!


  4. Oh....meant to share this with you. Know you will love....it is from Pam Staley.....

    "Love comes while we rest against our Father's chest. Joy comes when we catch the rhythms of His heart. Peace comes when we live in harmony with those rhythms. "

    Precious, huh?!!!

    Have a blessed day tomorrow!

  5. Oh wonderful to hear from you Linda and to know all is well with you and your family! Praise God for keeping you all safe. When we set out on a road trip we always ask for His protection for us. But guess we should 'always' do this each and every time we take off in our car.

    Love the chickens....just makes me smile each time I see them.

    Blessings...my prayers are with you...
    xoxo Gert

  6. Linda,

    Love the pic of your rooster and chickens :) I wish I had some of my own to watch.

    So thankful that God took care of you all with the deer accident. Very scary!

    Hugs sweet friend!


  7. I wish I could join the blog post each week because you share such wonderful information and thoughts form everyone. I need better time management skills. My job is draining me and my Nick is suffering with these shingles. He has so many bad days. I ask you for prayer, lots of prayer. Pray and then pray harder.
    Love to you and yours! Anne


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