Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tomorrow Is A Big Day!

Hello sweet ladies,

Today Tressa went to the orphanage for her first time. She said, "Today we went to V's orphanage. By the time we left I felt drained emotionally. The kids have stolen my heart......just like I knew they would".  Tress met a little girl...........spent the afternoon coloring with her. I can't imagine how hard it is for her. I would feel the same way. I wish I was rich sometimes. I am asking the Lord, what is it that you want me to do!!!!!!!! I feel helpless sometimes. 

My J and T..........will never be the same after this experience. Another meeting for Josh and Tonya on Thursday at 5 our time in the morning. It is the last one. Things have gone smoother than we all anticipated. Amazingly well and we have been so thankful to the Lord for all He has done! 

This lady must work very hard for a living.  I noticed her apron........ I like.  Her veggies and fruits are so nice! The grapes are huge. Wonder if she knows Jesus! I can pray that she will. 

Hope all is well with you..............I am so tired tonight! Thank you for your comments and emails...........they bless my day! 

I miss my girl tonight. I know this is an experience of a life time........she will never be the same. She will have a heart for God even more than she did before she left.

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows ........James 1:27

Hugs from my farm to your Home,



  1. Just sent you an email! *smile*

    Praying for you to feel refreshed by morning. It is such a busy time of year.

    I will be praying for tomorrow morning's meeting. I know, God will be in the midst of the meeting!!!! He is so good!

    Love you!

  2. You know are a blessing to all your readers. Your kindness just shines through in your writing. Sending you a big (((hug))) tonight my friend!


  3. Love,Joy and Happiness wished to your Family!
    Hugs Linda..Tress will be home soon in her mama's arms.
    Blessings Trace

  4. "I wish I was rich sometimes. I am asking the Lord, what is it that you want me to do!!!!!!!! I feel helpless sometimes. "...

    It is very likely you are doing what the Lord wants right now... Praying, supporting Josh and Tonya, sending Tressa, and even blogging about it. Just think about how many people are reading this and thinking about adoption for their own family... or ministry to orphans at the least! and I know it takes a lot of faith and trust to send our children off to some foreign country to do God's will to minister. The Lord sees all this in your life and heart... He will direct your path should He want more, just keep on listening and praying, as I know you will!

    Praying today that the Lord bursts open wide the doors needed to bring V home!

  5. I'm continuing to pray for your family, especially those precious loved ones so far away. So thankful to hear how things have been going for them.

  6. So glad to hear things going smoothly. I love to see the pictures too.
    I will be praying. Love you ~
    Camille in Texas

  7. Hey mom, I miss you too. It's been an experience for sure! One that I'm glad to be a part of though. We bought some grapes from one of the vendors. They are beautiful! I'll have to tell you a story about them sometime. I love you lots!!!!! xoxo

  8. I think this is an emotional endeavor for all involved. Especially hard for those staying at home and waiting, I suspect. God bless your family as you wait on Him.

  9. Oh my Dear Linda..I know how your heart has to be aching for your dear Tressa and TJ...but I read the wonderful news on FB about V! Praise God!!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Oh Linda! That was a favorite verse of my late dad. After his brothers passing, at a younger age, he never faltered helping my auntie Elsie out. He said ever Christmas that God wanted him to help and he always tucked a financial blessing in her Christmas card. I will never forget what a god fearing beautiful man my dad was. I so love stopping by. You are on my heart always. In prayer with me daily. Love to you Anne


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