Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Days.........

Hello sweet ladies and thank you for so many coming and signing up for the party. What sweeties you all are!!!!!

Some days are just harder than others........ wouldn't you agree? Well today was one of those for me. Things have been quite busy at the college and by the time I get home I could probably crawl into bed and just go to sleep! I can't. Still have so many Home things to do and Farm things, but this afternoon God had a very special gift for me.........yup........just for me! I was feeding my girls...........chickens that is and I was finishing up. 

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I started walking back to the house and look who was showing off her babies...........Shelby........remember her?   She is the one that sleeps in the trees outside our kitchen window? I didn't even know she was sitting. I am so so thankful that the Lord gave me such a sweet gift today............you know He is so faithful ladies. I have been trying to keep my mind on that for some days lately. Today He surprised me..........like a kiss on my check just from Him. Life.........perfectly.........I will enjoy watching them grow with their Momma. She is so sweet talking to them and as she pecks the ground they follow and do what she is teaching them. I don't think I will ever tire of this. God was thinking of this kind of joy way back in Genesis when he created the Hen and Rooster...........thanking Him big time tonight........ He loved on me..........I was so glad.

Please dont' forget to sign up for the Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm party on the last post, if you haven't already!..........oh I did do a video of the babies. Tried to put it up,.......wrong......notta me..........I don't do computer things so well. Soooooo I sent the video to Tressa via email and asked her to put it up for me if she could. If it is up in the morning......she helped........if not it didn't get to her. Hope  you can see it. It is sooooooo precious!

Thank you new followers and all who have signed up........Love your comments.......blessed my heart big time!!!!

Hugs from my farm!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! God is so good isn't He? I love it when he puts something in front of me to make me smile. It's like He's telling me "Hey...I'm still here...looking out for you." He always knows what we need before we do! He's just awesome like that!

  2. Hi Linda! I enjoyed your post, and the surprise God gave you! And I am thinking about Tressa...and how it is for a mama to have her 'little ones' so far away. I know how it is!

    I finally put your blog on my toolbar and will be checking it regularly!

    Love you,

  3. Just dropping off a big hug for you!


  4. Something about watching a mother hen & chicks reassures you that all is well.

    When our kids were young they loved giving their sitting bantam hens chick or duck eggs to hatch. The ducklings were removed after hatch as sometimes the hen turned on them.

    They also had some who just did mother duty with feed store day-old chicks slipped under after dark. Much easier than dealing with burned out brooder lights or power outages in the brooder. Too funny when the chicks are larger than the bantam hens in 8 weeks!

    Such fun to see the growing chicks change so quickly this time of year to mature in time for cool weather. Be sure to keep us posted if you can catch them still enough for pics.

  5. Hi Tina..........love your words........made me smile! The little ones are all tucked under their Momma right now. They are just the sweetest things!

    Hi Susanna.........glad you saved me.......come and visit anytime! Do miss my girl. We all skype everyday so that makes it easier on this Momma!

    Miss Prairiemaid............big hug back atcha!!!!!!

    Olive Oyl,All my banties were killed by dogs. That is why I have 16 new ones. Can't wait until spring.......hope they sit for me like my other ones did. I like the idea about slipping new babies under the Mom at night! I will keep you posted!!!!!

    Hugs and thank you for writing me!

  6. Hi sweet friend,
    What an adorable present...the most tender gift...so simple and so easy for God to give such blessings. Thank you for sharing it with us...now I feel like I have a gift too!
    I need to get caught up with you on college work...you and your jobs are in my prayers. Wondering if you have ran into my boy from church yet? I am thinking of you and still praying for your V and T and Tressa. Know you can't wait to get them home.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.....
    In my thoughts,

  7. My family and I are excited to hear about the adoption being finalized! What a roller coaster ride, but well worth it all. We adopted from Russia 13 years ago, and what a blessing she has been ever since. May God continue to bless you all as you lead this little one to Christ. Excited to hear about the "party" too! Blessings, love, hugs, and congratulations Julie

  8. Hello Linda...what an adoreable video...you know me...I love chickens especially baby chicks..smile... Yes, God is good...He brightens my day and surprises me when I have a bad one. Just amazing how He knows when I need a uplifter!!! Sorry you are having a difficult time with work and home. I pray for you daily and will ask for some relief from this stress..

    Later on check my blog and see what He did for me today!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Hi Linda! I am trying to catch up with everyone. I saw your wonderfuf news of the adoption getting finalized so C O N G R A T S to your lovely family. It was a long journey and now you have a new one to venture on. God is Good. So very very Good! Hugs Anne

    P.S> Love the sweet chickie photos!


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