Sunday, September 18, 2011

It has been sooooooo Busy!

Hello precious ladies,

Life has been so busy since last Thursday. First I want to thank everyone for the kindness shown to our family on Friday. It was so fun for me to read all the comments about V's adoption. It seemed like you all were as excited as I was. It truly was such a fun day for our whole family and neat that you all just joined in with us in the celebrating!!!!!!!!! I wanted to come and comment on each one, but with..................working all day Friday......... then hurrying to pick up Josh from the airport that night, going to Ian's football game far away on Sat, then going Sat. night to the Kansas State Fair, and Sunday church in the morning and trying to get ready for Monday where we serve at the college.......sigh.........tired already and the week hasn't started yet. I am asking the Father for strength that we need. 

Life just does that sometimes and I am so thankful it is not that way all of the time. Oh and  we did a lot of skyping my girl, V and Tonya who are still over in the Ukraine for some more time. Please keep them in your prayers. WE would so appreciate it!!!!!!! Today is Sunday and it is Tonya's 33 birthday. For fun I thought I would give you her new blog, so if you would like you can go and read. Tonya is so thankful that our Tress is over there with. They were so fun today when we skyped. They definitely want to be back in the states, but listening to their stories are so fun and funny at times. They went to the store with  V and he told them that this package with a cow on the front was ended up cheese. Tress said it was so good so the mistake was a good one! She also showed us on skype the bread that they bought. V has never had much bread, so he is eating it up! 

Here is Tonya's site. It talks about their new son.........
he is not an orphan anymore. Praise be to God!

click on...........

I love you precious ladies.............more than you will 
ever know.......thank you so much for following the journey
with our family!!!!!!! A dream come true........and the Lord 
met us at every step! Sometimes we thought we were loosing....
we do believe that He parted the Red Sea........we saw it, we experienced answered prayer. My heart is full tonight as
I go to bed knowing that I am a Grammie of 10 
precious grandchildren!!!!!!!!! Grammie and Poppa Camp
will be so much fun! First V has to get used to his Daddy and Momma......
then it is my turn! Smile!

Blessings to your day...........I am praying that God will
meet all your needs and if you need prayer.........please write me. You have all been so precious with our fam.......I want to be with yours!



  1. It is fun reading about this adoption journey you and your family are on.

  2. Congratulations on your newest grandchild!
    Dear Linda ~ I have been able to read most of your posts but not able to comment. (I'm not sure why, but my computer is very fickle about who and when I can comment!)
    It has been so fun to watch how God has worked in your family's lives over the last few weeks. May He continue to bless you all in a mighty way as you follow His direction!

  3. Thank you Terra for following makes me feel like I have family!

    Hello Lady Farmer.........I have missed you. Sorry you can't post. Some have tried Firefox to get on and comment.

    Just saying I love you too Prairie typing your name.

    Hugs to you all and thanks for writing me today.

  4. Happy birthday Tressa! We're the same age. :)

    Praying for everyone! Thanking Jesus for V's new life and a home of his own with a very loving family.

    Thank you for the sweet, hurried, email the other day. :) I prayed your day went well. I've been preparing for guests and haven't been online much.

    Can you please pray for missing money in our home? Pray for it to be found or returned. I'm sick with worry. :(

  5. I went to Tonya's blog and read about their journey. Linda, you are so blessed to have a family who loves the Lord.
    Hope you can get some rest. Look forward to hearing about their journey home.
    Take care,
    Camille in Tx.

  6. I went over to Tonya's blog to see and read about her joy! How exciting! I'll bet she is just about to burst with happiness and thankfulness. What a wonderful gift for your family with such a long wait and such patience endured!
    What a wonderful day your Monday was I'm sure!

  7. Praise the Lord! What a blessing that you can share this incredible journey with your readers, so that we may all sing and rejoice to the Heavenly Father who orchastrated this so beautifully for V and the Stubbs family.

  8. Oh Linda I have missed you but just knew you had to be busy (or your Internet was down) but I pray you will get rested some this week, maybe after work! You do not want to get too run down! My prayers are with you and your family!

    I will hop over to Tonya's blog and wish her a late!! Happy Birthday!

    xoxo Gert

  9. I am very excited for your family. WHat a wonderful addition to your family! A beautiful young man with a good heart and I know he is going to fit into your family like a missing piece of a puzzle. God has blessed you so much. I am thrilled for all of you! Blessings Anne


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