Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Putting Up Chicken For Winter

Hello sweet ladies,

Hi, I am just writing a note here to let you all know that for some reason the passport did not go through today for V. Not sure why, but that will make Tress, Tonya and V having to stay another whole week. Please pray for them. They so want to come home. Tonya has been a real sweetie through this whole thing and wants to be back home with her honey and children. Understandable! Thank you so much! 

Thank you for all the sweet comments...........we have been having so much fun talking to Tress, Tonya and Vitaliy. He is getting better with his English everyday, which is very exciting for us. 

The other night we worked at a warehouse for 4 hours building "bee boxes" for our final fundraiser.  Talk about sore arms....that night and on into today! We put together 377, I think it was and we can do up to 6700 that would make $6700 to go to the adoption amount still owed. Going to take some time to make those boxes. It was wonderful to see all the children, teens and adult working together for our Vitaliy. I hope someday we can help another family.

This last weekend I canned 30 pounds of chicken (well not 30 whole pounds, when I bought it with bones it was that much). I bought the legs and thighs at $5.70 for 10 #'s. I used to get it for $3 and something, but I was so excited to find it on sale. That was my goal, to get it canned and put in my pantry this last weekend. Canned chicken is sooooooo easy to make. Honest, just follow the directions and it is so nice to have on the shelf when you need a fast meal. We like to make chicken and a gravy and put it over mashed potatoes. It is a favorite! 

I like to use the Ball Blue Book (I still have some on hand for sale, look at side bar if interested).  I will give a short tutorial on what I do. Remember....... easy! 

Wash jars, lids and rings in soapy hot water and rinse. Set everything on a tea towel to dry.

I have a pot on the stove to keep the jars and lids hot in water.

I cook the chicken in a big pot and fill water all the way to the top until it is done. I will can the broth in quart jars on what is left. They say cook the meat until 2/3rds done, but I have always cooked it until it falls off the bone. Easier to work with.

After it is cooked, debone the meat and while it is still warm, start filling the chicken 3/4th full into the hot jars. Then fill the jar with chicken stock leaving 1" headspace. With a knife remove air bubbles. Place the lid and cap on each jar. 

For deboned meat process pints for 1 hour and 15 minutes, quarts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, in a pressure canner. Pressure should be stayed at 10 lbs. 

When I was all done canning the chicken I had it all pretty on my counter. I came in the kitchen and here was what I saw. The sun was going looked beautiful to me..had to take a pic! 

This is just a short tutorial to show you that it is not hard at all. If you are interested in doing this, be sure to get a canning book. It is so nice to have this on hand when you do need a quick meal! 

Shelby is bringing the babies closer and closer to the house to show them off. They are really growing fast. Today Shelby caught a cricket, brought it over to the took off with it and the other chicks chased after the chick with the cricket........ all over the yard. It was so funny to watch. I didn't know that Momma Hens did that for their babies! God is good!

One more thing..........

If you would like to be praying, Tonya, Tress and V are waiting for his passport. Then they can come home. Could you please pray that there would not be any problems with it........PLEASE. When they went to the passport place the lady was not a happy camper. If things get messed up they could be there for a while. Then I won't be a happy camper. Just kidding. I really can't wait until they are home though.

Thank you and also welcome to all the new followers!!!!!!! You have been me!

Hugs from my farm! 



  1. Linda, been following and keeping up about your new, sweet grandson!! So happy for all, and glad the prayers were answered. Congratulations!! Will say another prayer that all goes well w/ the passport. Hmmm... bee boxes sound very interesting to me! We will probably be building some this winter too (we just finished our very first honey harvest here.. yay!). Hope all goes well in the coming days. Enjoyed catching up with you! Hugs, Tammy

  2. That's quite an ambitious project! (Sounds like you have enthusiastic and great help though.)

    Praying for the passport--that the "devil will NOT be in the details"!

  3. My canning setup is just like yours, but I've never dared can chicken. It's fun to hear of someone who's actually done it! Isn't it satisfying to see those jars of canned goods on the shelves. (I've always wondered why we call it canning when we're actually putting it in jars, but...)

    Praying that the passport comes through SOON.

  4. Hello Linda!

    Shelby's babies are getting so cute with their little feathers! Funny about the cricket. She is teaching them young....pretty amazing!

    Praying about this passport thing!!! I am sure Tonya is ready to just be home with her family and I don't blame her one is TIME! May God make a way and may they be able to come home quickly!!!

    Your chicken looks wonderful! Wanta come do mine? *smile*

    Love you!

  5. Oh prayers are with you and your family. Sorry about the passport issue..special prayers for them..

    You are so gifted to be able to can that, how I'd love to have some of that on my

    xoxo Gert
    PS I love your new blog header!!!

  6. Hi Linda,
    I'm so sorry to hear about the passport. God's plan!! It will be okay. The girls have faith I'm sure as you do and everything will work out. I will pray! Faith and patience! ;0)
    Thinking of you...
    Friday's coming! YIPPEE for us!

  7. Linda,

    I love, love, love your new header pic! It really puts me in the mood for fall and to finish getting my fall things out.
    Shelby and her chicks are so cute! And the jars of chicken look so good :D
    Will definitely be praying about the passport issue.




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