Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life is Good!

Good morning precious sweet ladies!!!!!!!!

I am HOME.........thanking my Jesus for SATURDAYS AND SONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!

It is good to get back with you. It has been very stressful at the work place preparing and learning new things and then the adoption process that was going on with our family this last week. We are keeping things real low key here on my blog for a little time.  I will be able to tell more, but we are walking careful. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I can say though please please keep praying, don't quit. The Lord has been wonderful in helping J and T in the process. They are learning much. We got a really neat picture from them today. They said that they have seen some weddings and they took a picture of this. Thought you might find it interesting. 

These are locks with the bride and grooms names written on them. They lock it to the bridge and throw away the key. Thought it was a neat symbol. Marriage forever. I like!

They sent us this picture of the market place. Ellie (J and T's daughter, my granddaughter) and I didn't think the dried shrimp looked to good. They say that the countryside is beautiful. I am thankful that they are taking pictures for us. To see what they are living right now. Everything looks very different but looks some like Kansas they said. We Skyped this morning and that was wonderful to see their faces. If you have never tried this it is amazing. Go to the site and see what you can do across the miles. Life is good ladies, wish I could share all of the things, but I am keeping a journal and will share when all is said and done! I will say God is so faithful and so in the details. We can always see Him if and when we are looking for HIM! We are doing just that! He is growing our family from our usual life thinking.  I love Him so! 

Thank you for helping us I have said are some PRECIOUS LADIES!

Blessings to your day........I will be working on the chicken coop today cleaning, that I wanted to get done a few weeks back and also around the refuge cabin. We are having a bonfire this weekend for the kids from the college. Please pray that we can be an encouragement to them and also encourage them in their walk. Love them for sure!  

Love you sweet ladies so much! You make my days so much more blessed!

GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH........IF You needed reminded~



  1. Hi Linda,

    Can't believe it has already been a week since Josh and Tonya left. God is so good, so amazing!

    Praying you have an awesome time with the college kids. I know, you and your family will be an encouragement to them in so many ways! They are blessed to have you in their lives (and so am I).

    Love you,

  2. God is so good and indeed, with Him life is good! So exciting to see how He is working. Praying for all of you!

  3. Dear Linda..

    Thank you for sharing all this with us! Oh yes, God is soooo good. He loves it when we talk to so it is wonderful that you have so many people praying to Him and asking for the safety of your family. Of course you know that you're in mine daily! smile....

    Have fun this weekend with the college kids! That bonfire sounds like so much fun!!! Wish we were there to share this time with you!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Hi sweet friend,
    I'm with you and Ellie...eeeewwwww on the dried shrimp!!! HA!
    What a beautiful day this was! You made it so special today when my phone rang! Thank you God for the special friendship of Miss Linda. Thank you for the prayer. Thank you for caring enough to find me. YOU are in my prayers as well as your J, T, and V. God is good and He will make it all okay for them.
    "Be Still and Know that I am God". It is my verse that calms me always.
    Will pray for the bon fire....the kids will be blessed by being with you.
    Sleep well tonight!
    Blessings and big hugs,

  5. I haven't 'said' much, but I've been here praying along w/ the others for this to happen. Will keep praying ;) Have a blessed weekend! -Tammy


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