Sunday, September 25, 2011

Joy for the Day!!!!!!!!!!


V and his Momma

Today my heart is filled with Joy!!!!!!!!!! God has been doing a work in my heart that has been unexplainable. As for all of you there are things that come into our lives everyday to make us more into His image. Sometimes it can be very painful.........but we have a choice to keep close to the Lord in the purifying process. If you are there.......don't loose heart precious lady........His truth says He is ever so close......we don't have to go on our feelings even though they can be so real. Yesterday I heard a song. If I knew how to put videos up I would, but I don' You can go here if you would like to listen to it. It is a precious song now for my soul. I was working out in the little storage/craft barn that I have and as I listened to this song for the second time.......I found myself "alone" and lifting my hands before my Father in sweet man came by and was standing out the door way! It was a sweet time for us. He listened to the song also. The song is called Joyfully by Kari Jobe. Hope that it blesses you as you think of the Father's pure love for you! 

Tomorrow is a big day for our V and his sweet family!!!!!!!! Trusting the Lord has been quite the journey for myself. Just because you are a Christian sold out to His will......... does not mean we don't have the flesh to deal with!!!!!!!!! Adoption has it's ups and downs for sure..........but what you gain in trusting the Lord for everything is so worth it. I will let you know more when I can. Keep praying though. We skype with Tressa, Tonya and V, almost everyday (with the girls). To see his adorable face on the screen makes this Grammie smile.......a lot! He says, "I love you Grammie".........eeccckkkk!!!!! He says my name so sweet, they say his English is getting better. The fact that we get one more grandchild to invest the truth in...... is amazing to me. My hearts desire is to see all my grand babies in heaven with and that they would walk with the Lord all the days of their lives here on earth. 

This is what Tressa said, " A Ukranian man told us God Loves us and gave us a free wooden spatula that he carved".

Isn't that just the sweetest thing to happen to the girls? Loved it. They told him back that yes they knew that and that God loved him. Hope it blessed the man. 

I have to say that my heart has been at peace the whole time Tressa and Tonya have been over there on them not being in danger. That has been a gift for this Momma. I am sure it is because of all of the prayers you precious ladies have been lifting us all up. Thank you so much. 


You lead me by the waters still
You lay me down to rest upon your faithfulness

My Shepherd, simply take my hand

Your song restores my soul
For Your name, You make me whole

Joyfully I lift my voice in praise to Thee
With heaven watching over me I raise my hands up high
Your Majesty gently washes over me
Makes my heart begin to sing joyfully

No shadow ever shall I fear
Your peace, my heart will know
My cup it overflows
Your goodness chases after me
Your mercy and Your grace will be my dwelling place

Joyfully I lift my voice in praise to Thee
With heaven watching over me I raise my hands up high
Your Majesty gently washes over me
Makes my heart begin to sing joyfully

I will sing from the mountain top
I will sing, I am overcome, I will sing making melodies
I will sing from the valley low
I will sing because of Your love I will sing
You're my King, I will sing

Joyfully I lift my voice in praise to Thee
With heaven watching over me I raise my hands up high
Your Majesty gently washes over me
Makes my heart begin to sing joyfully
Joyfully, joyfully, joyfully

May the joy of the Lord be your strength today (Nehemiah 8:10).....I have asked the Lord for that in your are precious in His sight......and mine!

Blessings from our your Home,


P.S. The party is closed and will be announced tomorrow after I gather all the names! Thank you for making it so special sweeties in my life!


  1. What a sweet post :) You sound very joyful and I am so happy for you :D
    Awesome pic of Tressa smiling with the nice man :)
    Just won't be long till V can tell you he loves you when he hugs you in person! Precious!



  2. God is so good! I have a smile on my face thinking about you in your little shed with hands raised praising Jesus:))

  3. My heart is always touched when I visit here. I am excited for your happiness...thanks for always sharing from your heart..
    Sweet hugs,

  4. Dear Linda,

    So good to read a post like this...V looks like he is growing up so fast! Awww and to hear those words from a grandchild!!!! Blessings....

    Tressa looks so beautiful, I know what you mean about their safety..please know them & your family are in my prayers!

    ( Tom will be having cataract surgery would appreciate your prayers for a safe surgery.) thank you!

    xoxo Gert

  5. God bless you, and this post is lovely. Terra

  6. Love the pictures, Linda. So special!

    I have been praying for you today and I am so happy to come here and see JOY! all over the place! You bless me!

    May the coming week be filled with the goodness of the LORD and may HE wrap you in HIS love!

    Big hugs!

  7. Thank-you for sharing that Linda, I just listened to the song and it really touched my heart.
    God bless,


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