Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Blessing!

Hello sweet ladies, 

When we drove into work the sky was so pretty. Such a sweet hug from the Lord! Such beauty......for His children! 

Did chores this afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it. The weather was beautiful after work. In the 50's.....nice change. Look at my pretty Girl!

 More girls are laying now. I love it that they are back in production. I sell them to people at the college... so that has been a real blessing! It is nice to share with our family also! The other thing that is happening is the eggs are so huge. Some I can't even put in an egg container. Good Girls!

For those who are followers of Prairie Flower have known that my sister became quiet ill a few months back. Well, today when I talked with, she said that she was on a date with her sweet man! Ladies, I was so blessed and encouraged. A huge thank you to all who have prayed for her. It has been quite a few months of so much stuff and today the Lord gave us a blessing.......into the Blessing JAR!

Love and hugs to all you sweeties!!!!!!



  1. Linda, I pray that your sister will continue to feel better. It's hard to remember, sometimes, when we are well, that others are suffering. She will go on my prayer list today.

    What on earth are you feeding those hens?! :-) And I too always feel like the beautiful sunrises and sunsets are such a blessing from the Lord. And when we stop to think about it and ask God to help us see them, we realize just how many blessings He gives us each day.

    1. Hi Judy, thank you soooooo much for praying for Shanny. She has had quite a few good days this last week. She is so grateful!

      Hahaha, I know they are doing so well! I have had so much fun gathering each and every one!!!!!!! Love the mornings on the drive to work now that it is not dark time. Hugs, me

  2. Linda..I am so happy that your sister is starting to feel like a "human" again. I know in some ways how difficult a disease can be....and you do wonder if you'll ever feel good again! But by the grace of God a new day brings us through it. I will continue my prayers for her. Wow, your girls are doing so good! How I'd love some of those fresh eggs!


    1. Thank you Gert! She is also. She can walk here and there now! I know it is answer to prayer! They are doing good! I wish I could run a few dozen over to your house!!!!!!! Right now! Hugs, me

  3. Linda it is always wonderful to hear encouraging news about loved ones! I love the fresh eggs. I miss them. My folks use to drive 50 miles to buy eggs from a little old widow woman when I was younger! Oh how I cherished those car trips with my folks!Hugs to you and may the Lord keep blessing your household!


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