Monday, January 14, 2013

The Pizza Station!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Today when we left work I saw these stainless steel boxes out on the back loading dock. They were getting rid of them. I brought them home!!!!!!  Are they not the neatest? I asked on Prairie Flower Farm fb what they thought it would have been used for some other time. One idea was for washing silverware that went through the dishwasher. With all the holes maybe that was what it was. If you have an idea let me know. If you have ideas for what to use them for....I would love to hear.

 I thought I would show you what my work looks like at the pizza station where I am for at least 3 hours of my day making pizzas for 375 to 400 kids. This is the brand new pizza oven that we got this last summer. It has stone plates that the pizza cook on inside the oven. There's a burner underneath the stones and a burner on the top back side of the oven. I use a pizza paddle to put the pizza in each time I make one and a smaller paddle to take them out. I have not burned myself and for that I am very thankful! The young man before me burned himself really bad. I am always "thinking" about not doing so. 

I stand in front of this refrigeration table most of my time when I am making up each pizza. There are two parts. This is the left side and this..........

is the right side. I lay the pizza paddle in front and it is easy for me to reach each ingredient I need. 
I kind of feel like I am decorating on each pizza that I make. 

Above me is a shelf that I have all my spices and cornmeal. Notice my little prayer's a reminder! 

I thought I would give you some of my recipes that I do most of the time. I am always asking the kids what they would like and they tell me. I am adding new recipes all the time.

This pizza is what it looks like when I make it on the pizza board. 
I will give the recipe in order of how I put the ingredients on my pizza dough. You may use as much ingredients as you would like for your pizza. I use liberally when I make up mine! 

This was a recipe from Austin.

Chicken, spinach, red peppers and ricotta cheese Pizza

 brush olive oil on pizza dough. 
sprinkle on mozzarella cheese 
fresh spinach leaves
sliced red peppers
cooked chicken
sprinkle on some ricotta cheese
fresh grated parmesan cheese
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

Pesto, bacon, tomato and artichoke Pizza

Spoon fresh made pesto on whole top of pizza dough
sprinkle mozzarella cheese
artichoke hearts
crispy cooked bacon
fresh thin cut fresh tomatoes
fresh grated with parmesan 
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

Alfredo, chicken, red pepper, and onion Pizza

Spread alfredo sauce on top of pizza dough
sprinkle mozzarella cheese
cooked chicken
sliced red pepper
slivered red onions
fresh grated parmesan cheese
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

Southwest, bacon, sun dried tomato and basil Pizza

Spread southwest dressing on pizza dough
sprinkle mozzarella cheese
sun dried tomatoes
 fresh basil leaves
fresh grated parmesan cheese
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

This is an easy pizza to make up. When I am needing
to get a pizza out fast, this is one I usually make.

Three Cheese Pizza

sprinkle mozzarella cheese on dough
provolone cheese
fresh grated parmesan cheese
sprinkle garlic powder
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

This is another very favorite pizza of the kids. 
Plain Pepperoni Pizza

spread pizza sauce on pizza dough
sprinkle mozzarella 
place pepperoni on top of cheese
sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

spread buffalo sauce on pizza dough
sprinkle mozzarella cheese
cooked chicken
sprinkle a small amount of blue cheese
thin slices of onions
fresh grated parmesan cheese
Bake 425 for 18 minutes

Life has changed for me, but I have decided that since I can't have all the kids at our farm for is easier to just enjoy my job at the caf. Feeding them there at the college is a lot easier! Smile! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what happens with my days! If you have any recipes you use.......please leave a comment and let me know the recipe

Hugs from the farm and God bless you~



  1. Yum! those pizzas look so good Linda! I have no idea what buffalo sauce is but I like the sound of it with chicken and blue cheese.
    My boys like their pizza with salami and maple syrup! and I always put some spinach into the tomato sauce. When I remember I get Fontina cheese as a change from mozzarella.
    Bon appétit!

  2. Yum!

    I think I would simply use those metal boxes to organize my crafting supplies. Or use to store items in the barn(s).

  3. Those containers are amazing! How many did you get? There is no END to the possibilities!

    And WOW! You have made me hungry with all those pizzas. Pizza is maybe my most favorite foods ever...

  4. My youngest son and hubby like pineapple and ham pizza.

    I am sure you will come up with a great idea to use those neat metal containers.

  5. We needed some new pizza recipes for Friday night/movie night, thanks for posting these! The boxes look like something I keep rolls of ribbon in; on wooden skewers slid through the holes :}

  6. Yikes!!!!!! That looks so yummy! Being on a NO sugar/white flour diet is not fun and certainly not fun to look at those DELICIOUS pizzas you are making! YUM! They look fabulous!!!!! That job actually sounds pretty good sweet friend!

  7. Hi, Linda - Would love to have a slice or two of your pizza tonight! They ALL look so yummmmmy - can't wait to try making them all!

  8. Wow! What a nice thing to share. Thank-you.

  9. i saw a box cheese grater used as a centerpiece with a tea lights put inside and greenery added, along with ribbon and ornaments, to the outside -- really cute, the light shown through the holes...just saying. say, didn't i see that on your blog??

  10. Those recipes of the different pizzas look so good. The detail on how to put them together and bake them is appreciated. WoW, the pizza oven looks great! I remember a few years ago, you were giving us a few recipes that you used at the school. I liked that. Also, Linda, I wanted to send you something that my Mother gave to my daughter-in-law, now she can't use in new home. She decorated with chickens in kitchen, so what I want to do is send it too you to be used however you want. How would I get your address? I appreciate you and your family so much. God is blessing you and your walk with Him.

    1. Hello sweet!!!! Thank you! My address is Linda Stubbs , 8319 N. Sterling Rd. Sterling, Kansas 67579 . The pizza is so so fun to make! Again thank you for being so kind! My email is if you want! Hugs, me

    2. Thank you, Linda for responding to my comment. I will get this ready to send and get it on the way. Hope you can you in your decorating.
      Patricia Hobbs

  11. Linda you are a terrific pizza lady! I Love all these yummy recipes. My hubby is a good pizza maker! When the kids were younger they loved pizza parties and he made homemade pizza whether it was twenty degrees outside or one hundred and twenty! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Linda. I love all your pizza combinations although my favorite is the one with spinach. I also like the shape of your pizzas, makes the pizzas look so inviting and delicious. I also make red sauce ham, pineapple and cheese topping to make it a Hawaiian Pizza. By the way, what is a Southwest Dressing? Thanks for sharing, you're a great inspiration.


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