Thursday, January 10, 2013

CHRISTmas Gift For My Daughter In Loves

Hello sweet ladies,

Today was a very busy day.....the kids went through 30 pizzas. I had my sweet man next to me helping me as I made them. It really has been neat as the kids notice when we are working together and those who know us comment about it quite a bit. They sweet things to us. Always asking the Lord to use us as a couple.

One more thing......we got 1/2" of rain last night and today total. It will be wonderful for the crops and garden! Thanked the Lord big time!!!!! I am getting so itchy to get my seeds started. Waiting until February to start some. I have a new shelving unit to start my seeds. I will show you when we get it set up. I am also going to use the oil containers like I did last year when I started my shasta daisies even if it snows. Worked wonderful! 

Every CHRISTmas I come up with a gift for our daughter in loves. Something special handmade that I think they will like. This year my sweet man and I made these Picket Fence Wall Hangers with doorknobs so they could hang their aprons, garden tools,, what ever they might want to us them for!  
They like things rustic and shabby like myself. I had these old pickets that I have been saving, knowing I would use them for something. I had seen something on Pinterest using old pickets. My sweet man helped me put them together. 

We made one Picket Fence Wall Hanger with green/blue knobs......

the other was more shabby with crystal knobs. 

I still have pickets and thought I would make some up, if anyone was interested. 
If you have a preference of a certain color for the knobs, I would do my best to find them for you. Plain white knobs would be pretty also. 

The Picket Fence Wall Hanger  
measures 16 1/2" x 26" 
with 5 knobs and 2 hangers to hang it up with.

Each would be $47.50 plus shipping (the amount to your area. They weigh about 8 lbs. each.

If you are interested we take paypal, check or money order. 
Send me an email at prairie flower farm at g mail dot com 
and put Picket Fence Wall Hanger in the subject if you would like. 

Also, if you would like it as a gift for someone, I can send it with a note that has a message from you. 

Hope your day was a sweet one........God bless you,



  1. Oh, I bet your daughter in love's really loved their CHRISTmas gifts..huh?? They are so neat! Bless you for offering them to the ladies!

    Hope your day goes by fast tomorrow and smooth!


  2. They turned out really sweet. I want one for myself when I work on the summer kitchen!

    I so hope our day goes fast also. We are so busy while we are there that the time really does go fast. tomorrow is going to be in the 60's. That will be so nice. Then Saturday it will be in the 30's.

    Hugs to you sweet friend, me

  3. Linda,
    thank you for such a sweet are on my mind. your daughter in laws are so lucky to have you and your amazing talents...those fences are so cute! Love those. tomorrow is Friday! yippee! have a glorious day!

    1. You are on mine also! Thank you for the sweetness!!!!!! ONe day we should talk on the phone. You have my number don't you? Hugs to you sweet friend, me

  4. Oh Linda, I'm so jealous: you get to start seeds in February! Those picket fences are such a clever idea.

    Blessings on you, dear Linda. May you have a wonderful weekend and Lord's Day!

    1. Hello sweet friend, I use these huge plastic containers. They work wonderful, kind of like a little greenhouse effect. It was fun making the wall hangers.
      Hugs back and have a wonderful weekend yourself! me

  5. Your daughter's in law are lucky women! You are so creative and homemade gifts are the best!

    1. I love my girls!!!!!! I love making gifts also! A little of me. Hugs, me

  6. Lovely creative gift. Your daughters in love are blessed to have you for their mother in love. Blessings, Gla

    1. Thank you Glapre, you are so sweet! I am blessed to have them also! Hugs and blessings back! me

  7. Hi Linda,
    These are so CUTE!!! I would LOVe to buy one from you. It's just my style. I'll start saving my pennies ;) : :) I especially like the one with the crystal knobs, but anythin gyou design is always extra cute :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    1. Heather......they are really cute up on the wall also. I like the crystal one also......looks so pretty in their room! Hugs, me

  8. You are so talented, Linda! I might have to copy this idea:))

    1. Sweet Terri, ever time I see your sweet face it makes me smile! I know the road you have walked.....encourages me to press on! You probably have some cool pickets on your farm! Blessings to your day!!!!!!! Me

  9. What a sweet idea! It is so nice to find uses for everyday items around us! I am thinking of down sizing lots of things I have! It is so hard to pick and choose! These are a cute idea!


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