Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello sweet ladies,  

today is my last day of vacation.......can't believe all that got done while we were home! Cleaning.....making life a little bit simpler for when we go back the kitchen we will be organized here at Home!

This morning I was doing a little reading on the internet. I found this new blog....well to me.....and I enjoyed reading about what she does with her chickens. So I made up some oatmeal and went about the farm giving it to some of the chicks and chickens. Here is the web site. Lally Broch Farms. 

Yesterday the weather was very nice and easier to do the chores in. Since we are going to be working tomorrow it is easier for me when I get home if I have things in order before hand! I started with the Milk House......I love going down there. It was used for storing the milk when my sweet man's family had a dairy. Would love to live one of those days! I am sure my sweet man would not say that!  Anyway I filled all the nesting boxes with fresh straw and cleaned out all the straw on the ground.  Love sprinkling new straw down....makes me feel better! I have this painted picture is a favorite thing! 

Another enjoyable part of vacation was making up all the sweet "Little Snowmen" for sale........I think I made about 75 or maybe  more. I have to show you what I will be doing with some of the money that I made.....buying a new stovepipe!!!! Eeekkkkk! I am so excited!!!!!! 

 Look at what my boys bought me for CHRISTmas.......I have been wanting to show you forever! It was funny... on CHRISTmas eve....our middle son came in and I told him I was so excited for him to see the present we gave him.......he said that he was excited for him to see mine.....that I would cry.......I did! I had mentioned to our son that I had seen one and thought it would work for the cabin......he got his brothers together and bought it for me! I am looking into how to install it.  It will toast up the little cabin perfectly! Isn't it adorable? I can cook soup on the top of it. I am sure I can do more......I am excited to learn! Another thing that happened was we got a "anonymous card" in the mail.....with 50.00 for the Refuge Cabin. Now isn't that the sweetest gift? I cried could have not come at a more perfect time. That gift will bless many! Just had to share.

I also made up our "Blessing Jar". I have seen a lot of ladies on Pinterest pinning so many ideas. I loved the idea also and thought it would be a good way to start off the new year.......then we can read them in 2014! It will help my attitude! Have you started one?

I just found out that we don't have to be at work until 8 in the morning......that means I get to see the sunrise for 2 more weeks.....isn't that just like the Lord! Another paper in the blessing jar!!!!!!!!

Hugs to your day sweet make life so special, I love you......a lot!



  1. I love your little stove, my Grandma had a large one and I remember how nice and toasty the house used to get! i also remember that she had mostly cast iron skillets and dutch oven type pans, and boy did they get hot! She had a large enamel ware coffee pot that she used for her VERY strong coffee as well as an enamel ware tea kettle. I was a little kid so I don't have any recipes to share with you, but I remember she cooked everything on that old stove. Thanks for sharing your CHRISTmas stove present with us and also for all the memories that it reminded me of. Google Cast Iron skillet recipes and I'm sure that you will find a ton of them and you will be able to get plenty of use from your stove besides heat your cabin! HUGS and GRATITUDE!!

    1. Hi, I love your story!!!!!!! Love every part of it. Isn't it neat how something can make you go back!!!!!!!???? I will do as you said. I am sure there are lots of recipes. Hugs to you sweet friend! Linda

  2. Oh, what a great gift...not only for you but for others who will visit your Refuge Cabin! I remember my Mom cooked on a wood burning stove for years! I have to admit the food always taste so good! I just know you will have enjoy it immensely!


    1. It was the sweetest!!!!!!! It will bless many! Neat memory you have. It will be a fun thing to have around and use. I want to learn much before I start! Hugs sweet friend, me

  3. Hi Linda,

    I have a "blessing/thankfulness/stuff that makes me smile" jar at home. It's a vintage "Acme" glass jar with a metal latch hook thingy on top ;) :) It'll be fun to fill it up and go over it at the end of this year :) :)

    I pray that you and your family will be a blessing to your co-workers in the kitchen :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    1. That is neat Heather.......sounds adorable! Thank you for the blessing and prayers!!!!! It has been amazing how the kids are loving on us! Precious gift! Hugs to you, me

  4. I need a blessing jar! Lots happening around us. Always a grateful heart because no matter how small the Lord touches our lives each day. Love your wonderful gift! It is so sweet to have good phamily. Friends too. You are blessed.


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