Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello sweet ladies on this beautiful SONday! 

After Church today our table will have college students sitting around it! Answered prayer for me personally. WE will hold hands.......bow our heads and give thanks to the Lord.....who makes our paths straight if we want Him to. The kids that are here will not know what this will do to this Momma's heart as we all sit around the table! I will be giving thanks to the Lord, thankful that He knew better than I.... what our family needed. Not just a job.....but a way for us to share His Love with many. As you know and have heard me say many times before, I did not want to leave my Home and go into the work place. We had farmed for nearly 35 years and I loved did my family (sweet man and two daughters). Anyway.....we had to do something to supplement our income. It has turned out to be a blessing. God is good......has he worked in your life in some way that you knew without a doubt it was His plans and not yours? 

Hugs to your day from the farm!



  1. Yes, God has plans for us, and how good to see His plans for you, and for those college students gathered at your table.

  2. Isn't that just like God...God bless you and your family for being faithful. Enjoy those college students. Tina

  3. what joy it brings me just to hear how happy you are to have your company today....they are so blessed to be with such a Godly family. Pure simple joys! have a great Monday!

  4. God is always laying answers out for me! Sometime I don't like those answers but in the long run I know they are best for me as He does know best.
    Good to see how God is using your phamily for His good.


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